She Used To Be (Acoustic)

Song Length 3:22 Genre Country - Contemporary


(Claire Ulanoff/Don May)

Well her daddy said back in the second grade
She used to be the one girl who was not afraid
To haul off and punch a mean boy right square in the face
For yanking on her ponytail

Her older brothers taught her how to rope and ride, you know
She used to be a big deal in the local junior rodeo
At eighteen she was a beauty queen, Miss Abilene
Yeah, she used to be a lot of things...she used to be

My one good reason why, no more searching
Thought I'd finally found my meant to be
She was a shot of grace, a leap of faith
A wild ride to a quiet place
Yeah she was all that to me
And I loved her every way I knew how now I see just another thing she used to be

When I met her at that honky tonk in west LA
She was an actress waiting tables just waiting on her big break
She told me her philosophy was living furiously
I guess she did her best to warn me...she used to be


She said she had to move on 'cause holding on too long
Was just a recipe for misery
Oh but I'm grateful for the memories of when she used to be...

Mine is just another thing, mine is just one more thing
Mine is just another thing...she used to be

Lyrics Claire Ulanoff, Don May Music Don May

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