Bottleneck Jones (German bluesman Holger Bremer)

Story Behind The Song

A great interpretation of my lyrics from composer Andy Gupta of Canada and German bluesman Holger Bremer.

Song Description

One day as I headed to a small cafe in China town, I couldn't resist noticing a tired looking, poorly dressed gentleman sitting on the side of the sidewalk singing and playing his heart out. With his worn guitar and a restaurant glass over the stub of a missing hand, he sat barefoot on a small torn plaid blanket. I thought this guy is what it means to be "a star". He had paid his dues and had probably experienced more life than most of us will in our entire lifetime. And, he probably has a million stories that nobody will hear and that made me sad :(. Looking back, if I had been in another time and place in my own life, I may just have sat down with him and offered him a coffee and chat for awhile. It's funny what things stick in one's head, but this old soul made an impression on me.

Song Length 6:24 Genre Blues - Delta, Blues - General
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Serene, Moving Subject Musician, Loneliness
Language English


(c) 2011 Casia & Andy Gupta - Lyrics
Andy Gupta - Original composition and bass/rythm guitar
Holger Bremer- Vocals
Jay Schankman - B3 Hammond Organ
Roger Wilkerson - Slide Guitar
Ian Burrage - Drums and Mix Master / teaboy

Bottleneck Jones

Intro Solo

(Verse 1)
You will find him there
Around the corner from Marcie Jay's
You will find him there most days
Just around the corner from Marcie Jay's;
Coaxing slow blues from the roadside
And he's got his rider by his side

(Verse 2)
He was sure he would make it big
But he was in a hurry to be that star
Everyone was sure he would make it big
But he was in a hurry to be a star;
Racing to a shortcut up fame's highway
'Til he lost his hand under a railway car

Bottleneck Jones
Can tear you apart
With his slide guitar sounds

Bottleneck Jones
Can make it cry and sing
Playing the blues

And if you stop by for a nod and a smile
He's no longer alone


(Verse 3)
One wonders what he's feeling inside
All he has on him is that sad, sad sweet smile
It's hard to figure out what he feels inside
All he has on him is that sad sweet smile
With his lived-in face of a thousand years
He knows what goes around comes back at you

Bottleneck Jones
Tugs at your heartstrings
Playing boxcar guitar

Bottleneck Jones
Is a sidewalk star
With his bottle-hand stump
One hand guitar

And if you stop by for a nod and a smile
He is no longer alone

Outro Solo (in C)

Lyrics Casia and Andy Gupta Music Andy Gupta
Producer Ian Burrage Performance The band
Label Casia Productions
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