Lucy & Ethel

Song Length 4:57 Genre Pop - Easy Listening


I?m the Ethel to your Lucy
But our show is over and you?re moving away
Through black and blue
We?re tried and true
Nobody loves me like you do
I?m gonna miss your funny way

You bring me up
Cuz your willing
You bring me up
Cuz I need it sometimes
You bring me up
You?re so silly
A friend like you is hard to find


I still remember how I met you
At a casting call on 45th and 9th
Straight from the hood to Hollywood
The only girl who knew she could
But I don?t feel left behind
And I?ll miss your laughter
And I?ll miss you singing off-key
And oh, our adventures
And how you?re always there for me


Whatever your mind believes
Baby, you will achieve
Keep going, don?t ever stop
I know you will reach the top
You can go anywhere
Just tell me, I?ll meet you there.
Anything I can do
You know I?ll be there for you

Well, I guess your car is waiting
My mascara?s running
We hate long goodbyes
You gotta go
But I hope you know
You?ll always have my heart in tow
I see the same in your eyes

And I know you?ll make it
And I know you?ll be a big start
And I am here for you
Doesn?t matter where you are


Lyrics Carla Lynne Hall Music Carla Lynne Hall
Producer Christian Cassan Publisher Soulflower Selections
Label Moxie Entertainment
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