What Kind Of Love (feat. Hope Grifiin)

Story Behind The Song

Serious mutual attraction, told from a sassy female perspective, and who knows how the evening will end? Is it love at first sight, or just fun for the night?

Song Description

Featuring Ms. Hope Griffin on lead and backing vocals. Equal parts Shania Twain and Gretchen Wilson with a badass Bonnie Raitt-style slide, this is a seduction told from a female vantage point. It's a Rockin' Country line dance with a ton of attitude. Girl meets boy in a roadhouse bar, featuring a torrid funk groove and powerful, sing-along chorus. And oh, that cowbell! High energy with lots of dynamic kicks.

Song Length 3:19 Genre Country - Rock, Blues - Country
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Engaging Subject Attracted, Crush, Falling in Love
Similar Artists Gretchen Wilson, Shania Twain Language English
Era 2000 and later


It was Ladies Night, feelin' right. Boots on and jeans are tight.
Felt I was cookin', and I was lookin' for a guy to go drinkin'
Without too much thinkin' If you know what I mean.
Well he was sharp dressed, well-pressed, his face was Heaven-blessed.
The way he dances, I'll take my chances.
This guy's the reason I'm declaring open season on my heart!

Let's do a double shot: ready-or-not, here I come.
You're takin' it slow, but I want to run.
We both feel it, but where to begin?
What kind of love am I fallin' in?

We did a line dance on the floor, heel-to-toe, back and forth.
He had the rhythm, and I would give him anything that he wanted
But he liked to take his own sweet time.
Back at the bar we got a little bit closer.
We started playin' and I didn't say, "No sir."
We both could tell that we were layin' it on the line.

Let's do a body shot: ready-or-not, here I come.
One night with you would be so much fun.
We placed our bets -- I'm all-in!
What kind of love am I fallin' in?

(Come on, now!)

Let's do another shot: ready-or-not, here I come.
Stay up all night so we can wait for the sun.
Could this be right when it feels like a sin?
What kind of love am I fallin' in?

What kind of love am I fallin' in?
Hey, hey, Yeah!

Excellent performance, instrumentally & vocally, both. This is quite catchy.

This was very well recorded, well written and well put together. The guitars sound great... vocal was great, mix was spot on drums had punch... whats not to like?

OH HELL YES this is country boot stompin boogie! the voice is fantastic! the melody is HOT the Vocals are right in line with the song and baby it ROCKS!!!!! Now that is what Im talking about ! I want more of this kind of country you are my favorite !!!

This sounds radio ready! I can't really tell, but sounds like a professional band playing live on stage. I love the percussion. Amazing vocals, fits perfect with the song. Super fun, lots of energy, definite party music! Length of time is not too long and not too short, keeps the ear engaged. Very catchy chorus.

This song has a great feel to it. The instrumentation, vocals, lyrics and arrangement were top notch. It's a great tapper. The song kept me locked in, wondering where it was going to go next. I really enjoyed listening to it.

vocals, instruments, arrangement, all awesome,,
great recording

Lyrics Robert P. Birthisel Music Robert P. Birthisel
Producer Robert P. Birthisel Publisher Worldwide Birthisel Publishing (ASCAP)
Performance Hope Griffin on lead and some backing vocals

What Kind Of Love (Am I Fallin' In)

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