I've Got My Telephone

Story Behind The Song

This is a tongue-in-cheek look at cell phone addiction, done in a smooth, R&B/Jazz/Rock sound with Steely Dan's Classic Rock sound influences.

Song Description

As a life-long Steely Dan fan, this song is my homage to their smooth Jazz-R&B-Rock sound. Featuring percussive rhythms, vocal harmonies, Fender Rhodes and a nasty-wah sound on the guitar improv during an extended fade. The song hints at the dangers of being so lost in technology that you lose the reality that's around you. All told in a comedic fashion, so as not to offend!

Song Length 5:07 Genre Rock - Classic, R & B - Soul
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Cool Subject Addiction, Telephone
Similar Artists Steely Dan, Steve Lukather Language English
Era 1970 - 1979


I get no satisfaction from social inter-action.
I'm not a fan of the plan to hang with the dudes and ladies.
I never liked a crowded room, reminds me of a sonic boom
or the backfire of a 2017 Mercedes.
I've never needed face-to-face to feel like I have found my place.
My best company is my hand-held technology.

One time I dated - I think it's overrated. Holding hands
was nice but I prefer to hold my device.
Some people say I'm missing, a human touch and kissing,
but with an internet connection I get lots of attention!

Don't worry that I have no friends, or
'bout my live-stream that never ends.
'Cause I'm never gonna be alone:
I've got my telephone. I've got my telephone.

I like to use Google Maps, and hundreds of my other apps
to navigate my way, day-to-day all around the planet.
I can use my camera. To take some pics of Tamara,
or maybe some other girl, I think she said her name was Janet.
Some people think I'm a freak, because I'd rather browse than sleep.
But let me tell you, I feel fine when I can live my life online!

Now don't you worry that I have no friends, or 'bout my
live-stream that never ends.
'Cause I'm never gonna be alone:
I've got my telephone. I've got my telephone.
Oh, I've got my telephone!
Yeah, got my telephone!

I love it!This song has that great down home,happy go lucky marketable feel to it!Absolutely ready for the next commercial that comes along!
LC Team

This is really funny! Love it.

The mix has a nice wide stereo image. Good job on the vocals, especially when the backing vocals enter. They really accent the main vocal well. Nice piano solo, too.

Love this track. Have to say it sends me right to Steely Dan vibe. Love the Rhodes and the Harmonies. Thanks for putting it out there. Chris.

This is some serious yacht rock. The electric piano gives it that Doobies, Steely Dan vibe. It also has a Huey Lewis feel to it. This tune, despite the subject matter, is pure 1979 MOR rock/pop. That guitar solo is Peg to the max! Love. Nice, groove and everything is mixed well and right in the sonic pocket. I dig though it's not my bag. If I recorded you we'd be total buds and we'd go out for a beer!

Now this is a FINE piece of writing! I absolutely LOVE it. Great subject matter and the writer stuck to the theme...each verse more clever than the last. Fantastic intro sets up for the rest of the composition. Love the instrumentals, especially the first one with the keys. Rhyming/lyrics are fresh and original with wry humor injected. There's a ton of truth to this song as i-phones are the preferred appendage of many these days. Favorite rhyme: Google maps/apps. missing/kissing. Room/sonic boom. This is just all-around fantastic work. Clear vocals. Flawless production chops.

I love the lyrics, love the subject, lyrics lovely and clear, love the drum beat, lyrics flow, I can imagine cruising and this song playing, I can imagine this in the background while shopping, in fact this song would distract me from what I am doing as I would have to dance to it, this type of song has that beat that makes me want to move to it.

What an appropriate song for the modern COVID-19 era! Subject matter hits close to home for me, too. Production is clear as a bell and very, very well mixed.

I like the message of the song, one I understand and agree with! The keyboard work is great, I really like the wurly around 2 mins in. The lyrical content is great and reminds me of a cross between Steve Miller and The Presidents of the United States of America. The mix is sealed with a nice bit of compression that glues it together.

This is a great song! Clever, witty lyrics with a light, bouncy feel to the rhythm. Lots of good stuff here and a lighthearted commentary on today's youth that is buried in electronics and tech at the expense of real life interaction and experience. I also loved the various instrumentation used, good variety which kept it interesting. Nice instrumental bridges also. Love the song

Lyrics Robert P. Birthisel Music Robert P. Birthisel
Producer Robert P. Birthisel Publisher Worldwide Birthisel Publishing (ASCAP)

I've Got My Telephone

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