Hard Drivin' Man

Story Behind The Song

There aren't too many songs about women's fantasies, so I took the opportunity to be playful.

Song Description

From Elvis to Fabio to Pitt and DiCaprio, there have always been heartthrobs and women who adore them. This is a heavier rock song paying homage to that love/lust relationship. Crunchy and rhythmic with confidence and swagger. Influences include Sammy Hagar, Mr. Big, Dirty Honey, Bad Company and MC5

Song Length 3:56 Genre Rock - Hard Rock, Rock - Classic
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Exultant, Affable Subject Attracted, Crush, Sexual Fantasy
Similar Artists Bad Company, Mr. Big Language English
Era 2000 and later


Well, he's the all-night lover in your fantasy
And in your dreams he can do no wrong
Dance all night and never miss a step, no, no
If you want tougher than leather, or soft as a feather
He knows what makes a woman feel good
Lovin' you every which way but inside out

'Cause he's a hard drivin' man.
Rock you all the way until mornin
He can take you without warnin
Ooooh, he's a hard drivin' man. Hard drivin' man
Hard drivin' man. Hard drivin' man

He's lookin' for somebody to love now, baby - how 'bout you
'Cause you've been hopin' and wishin
For a man on a mission, it's true
He's got long, wavy hair. Perfect teeth
He can't wait to get underneath your cover
To see what you're so proud of

He's a hard drivin' man
Feel the heat rise up from your skin
Let the thunder and lightin' begin
Ooooh, he's a hard drivin' man. Hard drivin' man
Hard drivin' man. Hard drivin' man

'Cause he's a hard drivin' man
Give you everything he's got now, babe
Work it over, and over, and over again
Ooooh, he's a hard drivin' man. Hard drivin' man
Hard drivin' man. Hard drivin' man

Top notch production and flawless instrumental, vocals are on spot as well. The hook is basic but it works
Nice guitar solo BTW

Nice rock. I love the tone on drums and the solid bass line. Both holding the beat. Good lyrics and well delivered. Pro production.

Really good tune with excellent production. Drum work and guitar work are great. Vocals superb and fit really well with this piece.

Lyrics Robert P Birthisel Music Robert P Birthisel
Producer Bob BIrthisel Publisher Worldwide Birthisel
Performance Bob Birthisel Label DK

Hard Drivin' Man

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