Cup of Soup

Song Length 1:53 Genre Rock - Alternative, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Delighted, Affable Era 2000 and later

Good drive. Is there a vocal version? Good work!

Love the build in this song! Sounds like a good fit for a movie where someone is driving and having a great time with a car load.

Nice production and layering! The drum and guitar sounds are meaty, and the changes are interesting.

Beginning with pleasant keyboard notes, it launches right into a fuel powered electric groove! It repeats the pleasant keyboard notes for more measures. This back and forth contrast between gentle and high powered moods is very appealing and is the biggest selling point of this tune. I like the interesting variation halfway through, too. Production has just the right amount of equalization, reverb, and other techniques. Nicely done! This would be a very good background for a film or commercial.

Great work between acoustic and electric guitar. I liked the electric guitar riff. Sounds are also good. Would this be material for an ad or a movie (mood : happy)? The length and simplicity of the song would suggest so.

This instrumental has a simplicity to it in a fully produced way. It has a driving energy to it with some good ins, outs and surprises that keep the listener engaged. I love the way all the instruments work together in this track to make it shine. The ratchet sound percussion was totally cool. If you're looking for a short, high-energy rock instrumental, this one fits the bill.

Love the sudden shifts in this piece. They are very well and tastefully done. Instrumentation is top notch. This would sound good as background in any number of projects.

Great job! Love the vibe. It's short and to the point! Really felt like it could also work with vocals if you're so inclined. Production sounds great and I am sure this could be used on a variety of platforms. Overall, I'd love to hear more!

Music Ante Novaselic Producer Ante Novaselic
Performance Ante Novaselic, Matthew Thorne
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