As We Pass By

Song Length 4:20 Genre Folk - Contemporary


As We Pass By

The earth is playing out a tune
Upon a bass beating through
The world that turns round and new
Beneath skies that we, that we never knew.

Scrambling on its crusty hide
We stamp and tear and push aside.
Wounds and scars left in our stride
Tell a tale we can't, we can't deny.

We set a fire and the wheels went round.
We harnessed horse and we tempered plough.
We cut the tree and we dug the ground.
We always do what our tools allow; what our tools allow.

Sowing seed for body and mind,
We outstripped our need and became refined,
Letting loose forces once confined
Setting our courses by dazzling, by dazzling lights.

We look to the stars and go to the earth.
Our living paths entwine our death.
We make a mountain of one wealth.
We don't count a cost, we say, we say, what's next?

Looking out on the way ahead
Holding on to the wheel set
Roll with the current and tac with the wind
Point to the future and never relent, never relent.

Where is the sign that tells the way?
We're looking hard into space.
It's all we see and all we take.
We feel the wind and we set, we set sail.

Telling tales on times that run
Over wires in harmonies strung.
Trip the springs that leach the sun
Into the air that holds, that holds warmth.

Momentum carries a wind on a depth.
Wavetops spill yet maintain their stealth.
Energy mills a sweeping extent.
Through our will grinds an intent, grinds an intent.

In the air a tune is borne.
Amid the blowing we are formed,
Tossed and hewn by invisible force
Splintered melodies into tunes, into tunes unswarm.

Soft-centred core of being's trance,
Under the crust of constant demands,
Pushing through a starry expanse,
We beat the pulse of our, of our advance.

A pulsing hums out from the world.
Human force has been unearthed.
It beats its drum; we follow in time.
Tremolos linger as we pass by, as we pass by,
As we pass by, as we pass by.

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