3Mind Blight - Breaking Down

Story Behind The Song

I wanted to create a Rap/Rock/Metal song with lots of changes.

Song Description

This song changes throughout into several genres. It is hard to classify as Rock because at times it gets heavier. It is hard to say it is rap because it has a lot of Metal guitar etc. It was super fun to create and perform. One of my favorites so far.

Song Length 2:26 Genre Rock - Modern, Rap - Alternative
Tempo Multiple Tempos Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Anxious, Unbearable Similar Artists Tech N9ne and Slipknot

I really like the combination of styles, I love a unique sound so congrats for that.
The track has a good feel and power,

Great breakdown with the piano and vocal fx on the M8, thats a clever way to take the listener down a new path before hitting them hard with the chorus again.

Good vocal sound and performance, its got an Alice in Chains / Korn cross 2 bands I really like.
Great choice of guitar sounds, that creates a nice wall of sound.

Lyrics M.Boucher Music M.Boucher
Producer M.Boucher Label M.Boucher
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