Killing Time

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Song Length 3:41 Genre Rock - Alternative, Rock - Classic
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Addiction, Alchohol, Beer, Wine
Similar Artists Radiohead, Counting Crows Language English
Era 2000 and later


Killing Time

Too many nights out on the lash
I?m stony broke, done all my hard earned cash
Tryin? to be so flash.

Nothing to show for all that I?ve done
Holes in my shoes, I?m my own worst enemy
Oh what?s become of me?

I?m just killing time
And time?s killing me
I?ve lost a grip of my sanity
I need someone to set me free
What?s come over me?

I need a moment of clarity
To come to terms with my sobriety
It?s the best for me.

No more nights out on the tiles
No more headaches, no more Nobby Stiles
Goodbye to Farmer Giles

But who am I kidding that everything?s fine
With every tequila I?m in a decline
Need some more moonshine.

I?m just killing time
And time?s killing me
I?ve lost all sense of reality
I used to see one but now I see three
And one?s enough for me

I?m just killing time © Paul Armstrong
The more that I drink 01/11/2004
The farther I fall, the deeper I sink
It helps numb the pain of my tragedy
If only briefly.

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