Song Description

Celebrating a son's birth with unconditional love.

Song Length 3:07 Genre Country - Traditional, Pop - Classic
Tempo Floating Mood Tranquil, Still
Subject Love for Child Language English
Era 2000 and later



Lets dance in the clouds
Come dance with me
Dance in the clouds
Because of you I am free

I was like a butterfuly wounded
Or a bird with one wing
I couldn't feel love
Or hear my heart sing

Till my partner my son
Beside me my child
Opened up my heart
The first time he smiled

To celebrate your life ( BRIDGE )
We'll dance in the clouds
Together forever as one
Unconditionally I love you my son

So lets dance in the clouds, my soul mate, my friend (CHORUS)
Free of hurt, no more fear, no need to pretend
Soaring higher and higher, two hearts that shine bright
We'll dance in the clouds filled with love filled with light

The pain of a lifetime
Is all swept away
I can float in peace and joy
Today's a new day

A day of beginnings
Nights of magical dreams
Eyes that sparkle
A face that now beams


We can sing of the future
Sing of the past
Sing for today
This moment will last


Lyrics Brett O'Brien
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