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song: The Long and Short of the Kid Juan Pizarro
artist: Tony DiPofi

genre: Blues - Chicago
stats: playlists: 90 | song plays: 1768
artist comments: Thanks Jody for the valuable input, as always you do a great job with your reviews . Tony
General Overview
What Genre is most appropriate for this song?
Spoken Word

What is an appropriate title for this song?
Kid Juan Pizarro

What artist does this song most remind you of?
Tom Waits

What best describes the subject matter of this song?
Concepts - Existence

What era does this song fall under?
2000 and later

What best describes the mood of this song?
Calm - Cool

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Quality of the Hook

Quality of the Verses

Quality of the Chorus

Quality of the Breaks

Quality of Instrumentation

Quality of Arrangement

Quality of the Chord Progression

Quality of the Instrumental Hooks

Marriage Between Chorus and Verse

Marriage Between Music and Lyrics

Quality of the Instrument/Sound Selection

Quality of the Lead Performances

Quality of the Meter

Quality of Piano

Quality of Keyboards

Quality of Guitar

Quality of Bass

Quality of Percussion

Quality of Other Instruments

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Quality of Vocal Phrasing and Performance

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Quality of Mix

Originality of Song

Overall Rating

Quality of the Title

General Comments

Hi Tony,

For what this song is, it works well. You do a good job of telling his story in a creative way. Your lyrics describe the people who surrounded the Kid Juan Pizarro well. I could see you singing this in a bar or at an open mic and doing your thing man. It's a good song!

The production is very good too. I wish had more but I honestly don't have much more to offer here.

I don't think Tarantino would use this in a movie and I'm not sure what element or what film of his or music use makes you think he would

this is a blues/spoken word track which I guess could be a background use in a film if there was a scene where someone was sitting in a bar talking a performer was up on stage singing this.

Its a good track, but I really don't think its right for tarantino or syncs in general. because of the specificity of the lyrics, it makes it hard to sync

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Artist's Submitted Question:

Hi Jody -Did this song specifically with a Tarantino esque film credit roll
or crime movie in mind -its off of a C D I released called "Dreadful News" It came with a crime newspaper fold out with cooresponding news stories to each song Would really appreciate your review. Thanks Tony D

Pro's Answer/Comments:

Hopefully I answered this question above.

If you're going to write for getting a sync, your lyrics would want to be more general. Of course there are exceptions and I've been wrong before.

I would focus on creating ethereal moods with your instrumentation and then maybe some ooo's and ahhh's or some type of gospel spiritual thing would suit your voice well

Having great production is half the battle and you already have accomplished that which is fantastic! And you are an artist and I can hear that in your performance. You know who you are as an artist which works for selling CDs.

Selling CDs is different though from getting a SYNC. If you want to get a trailer spot, for example, the construction of your song would be very formulaic.

Watch the trailers online that use original songs and you'll see what I their arrangements and instrumentation.

Quote From Pro:

Tony is a true artist. His lyrics are unique and his approach is calm and cool.