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Doug Diamond

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song: Roots
artist: Amy Elizabeth

genre: Folk - Americana
stats: playlists: 1 | song plays: 197
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Love & Relationships - Relationship

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2000 and later

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Friendly - Pleasant

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General Comments

Hi Amy -

Thanks for letting me know about your song, "Roots". I really like it. I've listened to it over-and-over and believe it has the makings of a hit song (however you want to define that). The performances are excellent. The lyrics are good. The main melody / hook is very good. I like the songwriting in general. There are only a couple tweaks I would suggest (in next section below). Know that you are REALLY close in my opinion to something great that could work in a variety of scenarios. Excellent work!

For the style of song this is, combined with the vocals, instrumental performances, and "sound" - really is a perfect combination; well done.

This song sounds like something you'd hear on Country Radio and with a few adjustments, that could actually be feasible.

Be sure to link to your website front-and-center from your Broadjam profile as I could not easily find it when looking. As you're not using your last name, it makes it more of a challenge when searching for more info. I wanted to find out more about you, but realized it was more difficult than I thought it would be. It appears you have excellent pics and social media, so that's good, but as a music supervisor, I often don't have time to dig for info, so you gotta make it easy and obvious. Having what the industry calls the "full package" is essential these days and I believe you do.

I'll address your questions in the next section, but would like for you to contact me via my site at I think we can probably do some work together.

Thanks again.

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Artist's Submitted Question:

Everything! Evaluate for lyrics, songwriting, potential for film/tv use, performance, etc. Thanks so much!

Pro's Answer/Comments:

I would say that this song's best attributes make it a better match for radio first and foremost. It could certainly work in the context of the perfect sync scenario too - film, TV, maybe a travel commercial, etc. I'd steer you towards radio first though, which of course is very difficult to get on because that's generally major label artists that get those slots. You could start with college radio though, that's definitely doable.

Before you do that though, here is my first suggestion for radio and in general: It's too long. Coming in at 5:20 it's about a minute (or more) too long for most radio applications. I think it's fine to have this version (maybe as the "album" version - longer, non-edited, etc.). For radio, you'll need to cut it down. Honestly, for serious sync consideration, you will need a shorter version too because many music sups won't listen to a long that's nearly 5 1/2 minutes long - they figure you haven't done your due diligence and culled it down to only the best-of-the-best parts of the song. Rewriting is the key to success. Bring in another writer if you have trouble getting it down to something more manageable, like 4-minutes or so.

That's really my main suggestion.

The only other thing I noticed is that the main guitar (left channel) seems just SLIGHTLY too loud at times (a dB or so, not much...); it almost drowns out your lovely vocals sometimes, which means it needs a slight tweak because covering that up is not something we'd want to do. Love your vocals.

Otherwise, I think, your song is golden! Great work and please stay in touch.

Quote From Pro:

Amy Elizabeth's "Roots" is Country / Americana nearly at its finest. Great performances. Great vocals. Excellent songwriting. It has all the makings of what should be a hit song and belongs on radio.