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song: She Slipped Away
artist: RandBpro

genre: Country - Alternative
stats: playlists: 3 | song plays: 20
artist comments: Doug, Thanks for really taking the time to listen to the song and give your thoughts on it. I appreciate your expertise and your experience in the business. I will heed your advice and apply it to other songs that we are working on.
General Overview
What Genre is most appropriate for this song?

What is an appropriate title for this song?
She Slipped Away

What artist does this song most remind you of?
Jim Croce, Cat Stevens, Paul Simon, James Taylor, Jackson Browne

What best describes the subject matter of this song?
Concepts - Existence

What era does this song fall under?
1970 - 1979

What best describes the mood of this song?
Sad - Heartbreaking

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General Comments

Hi Jim -

Thanks for letting me know about your song, "She Slipped Away". I've enjoyed listening to it over and over for the review. It certainly has a 1970s Folk type sound and arrangement, a-la the artists I mentioned above (Jim Croce, Cat Stevens, Paul Simon, James Taylor, Jackson Browne), so you're in good company. Again, good track.

I can tell you've put a lot of work into this song and I'm sure it's given you a lot of satisfaction seeing it come to its fruition.

The performances, both instrumentally and vocally are all excellent. I don't think I'd change a thing from that perspective.

The arrangement as you have it is also very good. I think the strings are my favorite parts. They're done very well. Not sure if they're real or not, but the important thing is, if they're not, they sure *sound* like it. My guess is they are only because you'd have to be an incredible programmer/synthesist to get anything close to this. Nice work. So, that said, as you know, the arrangement and instruments you choose have a lot to do with the emotional value a song has - that connection to the listener - the thing that makes them want to hear it over and over... that's a combination of several things. Yes, the performances and quality of the vocal as well as the instruments an sound in general, with the melody or "hook" being the main thing the listener connects with. Based on that, if you were to create a line graph of this song's emotional value from beginning to end, in my opinion, it would mostly be a straight line; not a lot of rises in emotion or the ebbs and flows I'd like to see. Ballads are tricky. They really need to be emotional to be effective. This song is emotional to a degree, but I don't think it connects fully like it should. I expected to hear a huge swell at some point near the end, with a big emotional payoff - on a bridge perhaps. Again though, the straight line. I'd like to hear/feel more of a peak about 3/4 of the way through with a real payoff coming in the chorus (or a bridge as I mentioned). Instead, it sort of stays flat-lined all the way. The vocals do a good job of creating some emotion, so don't get me wrong; it is there, just not quite what I'd like to hear - or expect to hear... coming from a music pro who listens for a living.

Lyrically, I think this song is extremely unique in that I don't think I've heard many songs about parents' empty nest-type situations. That said, I think the third verse is a little bit confusing... it sounds like the girl has died, when in fact, she's just left her home with her parents to find her way in the world - something we all do. The parents act like their lives are over because the girl's left. While this may be the case for some parents, it does not portray a health relationship, you know? I think it casts the singer/artist in a negative light in certain respects. Just something to think about... to me the song should showcase how the girl is going to be happy making her own way in the world instead of how sad the parents are; like they're distraught. When in fact, it's a new chapter for *them* too. Does that make sense? I think the premise needs to be tweaked in that regard.

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Artist's Submitted Question:

Hi Doug,
I would like your take on this song. We feel that it has potential both for syncing and as a song that can stand on its own as a popular song. Any insights you can give us would be most appreciated.

Jim Reedy

Pro's Answer/Comments:

You'd asked about this song's usefulness or potential in syncing it to picture - Film, TV, etc. I think lyrically, it's super-specific and would only work with a scene about that particular issue, which would be nearly impossible to find. Ballads in general are hard to get sync deals for because they're highly emotional and are oftentimes composed specifically for the needed scene(s). Not always, but I'm just telling you upfront that this song would be SUPER hard to place. Keep in mind, as a music supervisor, my job is NOT to find a place for your SONG. My job is to find a song for the PLACE. See? I have the spot or the place and I need the perfect song to fit it. This song has a place somewhere, but remember too that this song sounds like it's right out of the '70s to some degree, so it would have to fit THAT sound-specificity as well. It'll be hard to place it, but not impossible. What's going for it is that it sounds professional already and could certainly work in the right sync situation. Honestly, your best bet might be to find some radio outlets that might fit it versus a sync deal. Personally, I think that's more likely only because how specific it is and the fact it's a ballad.

Quote From Pro:

"She Slipped Away" is an excellent song about a girl leaving her home, heading out in the world to make her own path. Very unique concept. Great performances and arrangements. This song could fit in the exact, right sync situation.