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Diana Williamson

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song: Broken Flowers
artist: Howard Siden

genre: Latin - Rock
stats: playlists: 4 | song plays: 123
artist comments: Thank you Diana for your very informative review of my instrumental Broken Flowers. I have not been successful yet in getting this song placed but I'm not giving up. Your review has given me renewed energy with trying to get this song heard with music supervisors. I also liked the vocal idea you mention and Garry Moore is my all time favorite blues player. Thanks again. Howard
General Overview
What Genre is most appropriate for this song?

What is an appropriate title for this song?
Broken Flowers

What artist does this song most remind you of?
Jeff Beck

What best describes the subject matter of this song?
Concepts - Philosophy

What era does this song fall under?
2000 and later

What best describes the mood of this song?
Sad - Poignant

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General Comments

As you probably know- I don't comment on instrumentation as my expertise lies in overall vision, marketability, lyrics, hooks, etc..

Well you have managed to avoid the songwriter's sin. This song is not boring. It has energy, panache and moves like a hungry beast. Awesome work. It has a good structure which works and keeps the ear wanting more and doesn't ramble.

Many instrumentals get stuck somewhere but your song really moves. It's hard to find fault with this song to tell you the truth which is why I'm saying what its not!

Its got that elusive, bluesy, sexy, haunting, hypnotic feel that you can hear in Beck, Clapton and many others.

The title is descriptive which you want in an instrumental. You want to invoke the imagination which this does. It makes you wonder and is what will tempt a music supervisor to take a listen. You don't want "track 12 intense" which they will have a million of, you want a "Broken Flowers" which stokes the curiosity and describes the mood.

I could hear this as a movie/TV soundtrack to many uplifting type scenes where at long last the lovers are finally reunited type-of-thing. It's been a long haul but there is relief and pathos at the end. It could fit in a lot of eras, the 80's and in some TV shows now as well. Keep your eyes and ears open for shows that use this type of material and pitch them.

Not sure if I could hear a vocal on this song- I always try to imagine out of the box things for each song I listen to. It really shines on its own, but it has such a great vibe, I can't help but thinking it might be fun to mess around with a vocalist on it. Like Gary Moore's hit "Still Got the Blues" which I believe became one of his biggest hits. It would all depend on finding the right vocalist, the right tone to not overpower the song.

Really great work and a talent like yours, better keep on keeping on.

Quote From Pro:

This bluesy hypnotic track really shines and would work well in a soundtrack that wants a Beck, Clapton, Gary Moore type vibe.