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song: BLAZZER RAID jdsoundworx
artist: jdsoundworx

genre: Rock - Funk
stats: playlists: 6 | song plays: 203
artist comments: Hi David, What an Awesome review, I wasn't expecting a review that good So Thank you very much indeed. It was one of those songs that just flowed and felt real from start to finish, Hence the fact that it is too short, Yes I definitely agree with that But decided to get a review first off and then make the suggested mods. Normally I would tamper and change things and end up messing with the overall feel So I think this was a better approach. Once again! Thank you very much and I appreciate the time and effort you put in to this review. Cheers James
General Overview
What Genre is most appropriate for this song?

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Traffic Unjammed

What artist does this song most remind you of?
Ohio Players

What best describes the subject matter of this song?
Good - Excitement

What era does this song fall under?
1980 - 1989

What best describes the mood of this song?
Happy - Exultant

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JD Soundworx,

Hi -- thanks very much for your patience while I got this review done. I thought this was a terrific funk rock piece, and my only regret is that it wasn't longer! 1:15 is very quick.

This is a timeless piece of music that seems like it would sound fresh coming out of the 70's, 80s, and on to today. Not sounding dated is a big help in getting songs licensed (unless of course the music supervisor is going for a very specific period sound), so that should be an asset to you in getting this song placed.

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Artist's Submitted Question:

Hi David. My name is James Delaney, I live in Melbourne, Australia. I write and record 80's style instrumentals for placements/Sync opps through Broadjam And enjoy the journey very much. This could be a good opportunity for me to Actually find out what an industry Pro really thinks/Looks for or wants (Re: A tonne of way too many variables)
I Look forward to hearing any suggestions you may offer and will adapt/improvise accordingly.
Thank you

Pro's Answer/Comments:

I don't have too many criticisms. If the song were longer, you could have more sections, which can be a help to music supes.

There were several different scenarios I could "Blazzer Raid" being used for in music-to-picture. These include:

-- movie scene: People arrive at a party/dance club and this is what's playing in the background (this is where longer could help)

-- commercial: if the onscreen action is a high-speed car chase, or any other type of exciting action, this would be a great undercurrent. It could underscore some sexy action, or also provide a funny counterpoint.

-- TV show: If this song were cut up into quick snippets, there are a lot of funky parts that would be perfect as transitional elements (i.e. between scenes).

It's also well recorded and mixed. Most importantly, it sounds genuine -- your enthusiasm for this style of music comes through clearly. Music supervisors naturally gravitate to genuine tracks like this, because they have an extra edge that connects to the audience and therefore helps the director to tell the story.

Thanks for submitting this song to me, I really enjoyed it! Keep up the good work, you're clearly on the right track.

Quote From Pro:

Timeless funk rock -- very easy to dance to and equally hard to forget.