Martin Atkins

Martin Atkins

Title: Producer, Musician, Music Author
Genres: Rock, Industrial, Punk, Experimental
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Bio: Martin Atkins is the definition of entrepreneurial activity in cultural arts endeavors. His three decades in the music… read more

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song: Harbinger
artist: Pulse Faction

genre: Electronic - Industrial
stats: playlists: 0 | song plays: 379
General Overview
What Genre is most appropriate for this song?

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Travel - Racing

What era does this song fall under?
1990 - 1999

What best describes the mood of this song?
Agitated - Restless

Song Analysis
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General Comments

Well, this is GREAT, truly professional in every sense of the word and could be used as an object lesson for anyone wanting to submit for sync uses.
straight to the point - no 32 bar intro noodling around - I REALLY liked this - not just because it gave me that industrial dance floor feel - but because of the breaks, twists and layered care evident to me here. Just enough to get you going then a break at 0:52. a quick mood changer then another break at 1:34 - there is enough really great stuff here, condensed like the best moonshine - another artist might have left this at a lazy 5:20 but David - i see the care that you took here and i know how much time it takes to edit down and refine - especially when it is your own work.
Where I fell down here (other than taking too long - sorry!) is in the categorisation - i chose motorcycles and racing along with agitated-restless. What I would have liked to have put is "alternately frantic, pulsing followed by calming empty melancholy drops that seem to be sad but emerge triumphant' those things dont fit in the drop down boxes!

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Artist's Submitted Question:

In addition to the review, I also would be interested in getting your feedback on the mix/production as well as potential for film/tv/trailer/video game placements. Thanks Martin!

Pro's Answer/Comments:

The professionalism shown here isn't just GREAT for the track itself - but the execution, great mix, drops and surface simple buy deeply layered complexity make it obvious that should anyone want a variation on this theme - or anything else created from scratch - you are the guy to do it. What a great calling card for your skills and talents.

Quote From Pro:

David Brock provides an object lesson for anyone wanting to submit for sync uses - well crafted, to the point, multiple layered tracks that get where they are going quickly and provide multiple options within a short, condensed blast like the best moonshine scooped right off the industrial dance floor