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David Arkenstone

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song: Carolan's Quarrel with His Landlady
artist: Foley Road

genre: World - Celtic
stats: playlists: 2 | song plays: 178
artist comments: Love the honesty of this reviewer. What I would expect professionally from an artist of such stature. Thanks for loving our band and our music and especially the reference to the Chieftains. We could not be in better company.
General Overview
What Genre is most appropriate for this song?

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Carolan's Quarrel with His Landlady

What artist does this song most remind you of?

What best describes the subject matter of this song?
Feelings - Joy

What era does this song fall under?
1700 - 1799

What best describes the mood of this song?
Happy - Joyful

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General Comments

First I want to apologize for the lateness of my review. My only excuse is that is has been a very busy month with lots of time-consuming projects.

Love the clarity of the production. I reminds me of the Chieftains. personally I would pan the different melody instruments wider in the stereo field. It might add to the richness of what you have going on. The flute sounds especially clear. When the hammer dulcimer comes to the fore around 1 min, that's when I would try to separate things a bit more. Anytime you have piano and hammer dulcimer, there will be challenges..! About midway through I lose a bit of the clarity. As I reflect on the above, I realize most of my comments are about the mix. I guess that's what I hone into as I spend a lot of my time doing just that! But the playing is top notch and very enjoyable.

I'm not sure if this is a review or a coaching session, as it seems a gray area. If I am reviewing this song for a CD release, I would say all my comments above are relevant. The rhythm in places could be tightened up. The drum(?) needs some clarity.

In fact, some more light percussion could be beneficial for everyone.

I love the lightness and propulsion of this song. Your rendition is top notch. There are a handful of rhythmic inconsistencies, but nothing that really takes away from the performance. Let's just say that the dulcimer could come down in the mix a bit at certain times to allow the other instruments to come through. By no means am I ganging up on the hammer dulcimer..! By it's nature, it absorbs everything around it. That's why I would experiment with it panned to one side or the other, then it might have its own space.

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Artist's Submitted Question:

We wanted to do this song because of the humor we heard in it. Listen for the ebb and flow of the argument that we did musically.You would think that with such a title, such a tune would be about rent or the condition of the space. Actually, our sources tell us it was about the quality and/or quantity of whiskey. Gotta love it!! Anyway, thanks for the great review on our 'Ships Are Sailing'.

Pro's Answer/Comments:

I do feel the humor, yet it is still elegant to me. Interesting about the whiskey..!

Love your band..!

Quote From Pro:

Harkening back to the early Chieftains, Foley Road brings a freshness and originality to modern Celtic music.