Dave "Jam" Hall

Title: Producer, Songwriter
Genres: Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Dance, Gospel, Rock, Country
Status: Taking submissions
Song limit per member: Unlimited
Bio: I began my music career in Nashville in 1988 as an assistant engineer to Doug Sarrett for the Christian-Gospel music… read more

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Dave "Jam" Hall

I began my music career in Nashville in 1988 as an assistant engineer to Doug Sarrett for the Christian-Gospel music community. Soon after, I became a staff engineer at Quad Studios in Nashville. I then moved into a freelance assistant engineer position, working primarily in Nashville's major studios. My freelance position allowed me to become familiar with various managers, artists, and musicians. More importantly, it fostered my knowledge and proficiency of working in different control rooms, with different genres of music. It also enhanced my ability to develop relationships with all types of personalities and professionals in the industry.

My first big break came when I was asked to work with Quincy Jones and Mervyn Warren on "Handel's Messiah: A Soulful Celebration" as an assistant engineer. A short time later, I engineered with Paul Ebersold for The Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies' self-titled debut album. It was after these projects that I was given the unique opportunity to assist under Csaba Petocz, Joe Chiccarelli, and Mick Gauzaki, who are all amazing and influential Pop/Rock engineers.

My diverse project credits include Frank Sinatra, Petra, Etta James, Kenny Chesney, and NewFound Road, to name a few. Showcasing my versatility of genres, additional artists I have worked with are Fall Out Boy, Vince Gill, Jewel, and Carrie Underwood. Whether collaborating for a studio album, live recording or an Internet concert, I strive to create environment that is full of energy. Providing a sense of comfort is a priority, in order to put artists and players at ease during the recording process.

Award credits include a GRAMMY® Award for Petra for Best Rock Gospel Album in 2000, a Latin GRAMMY® Award for Ricardo Arjona for Best Male Pop Vocal in 2006, as well as several nominations. I have worked on numerous gold and multi-platinum selling projects. My experience of working with multiple genres has helped me to develop an innovative and versatile recording style, appealing to a wide range of artists and musicians.