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"Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without."

- Confucius

Ed Hartman

Broadjam artist Ed Hartman recently placed a piece of music in a feature film, and he wanted to share is experience with you. Here's what Ed had to say:

"What I have learned about music licensing is that things take time. Business is always personal, and Personal relationships take awhile to evolve. The music library found me via Broadjam back in 2008, looking for a Latin piece of music ("Appassionata").

Over the years I have pitched them many pieces of music, some of them being extremely last minute for TV (due in a few hours).  I've learned that reacting quickly, working fast, and coming up with music that is exactly what the client wants, is the key.

In 2011, the library asked if I could quickly generate a piece that sounded like a hand-cranked player piano in a plaza in Madrid, Spain. I researched the style via YouTube. I analyzed the style, form, harmony, melody and rhythm. Overnight, I wrote out a fake chart for a turn of the century European dance piece. I recorded piano, the next day (Mac: Logic), added some percussion, sent the mix through a "telephone filter" plug-in to make it sound like it came out of a box, and send it in by noon. I was asked to create about a minute of music. I actually wrote two minutes, which that was good, because they used over a minute and a half. Unless someone asks for something specific, lengthwise, I usually overwrite.  Longer cues mean much better royalties!

The music was placed into "The Cold Light of Day" (starring Henry Cavill - the next Superman, Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver). The film was in theatres worldwide in Spring 2012 and in the US, the fall of 2012. I did see the film in the theatre, and there is nothing like hearing your music in a film, and seeing your credit at the end. The upfront check was nice, too. The relationship with the library has been excellent, and I am regularly asked to submit music of a wide and sometimes odd variety. 

The moral of the story is that it took 3-4 years for this placement to happen. Be extremely patient. Keep writing. I write best under pressure. Use pitch companies like Broadjam to build up your library of music. Get to know the companies your work with. Do the work, be nice, and results will follow!"

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Music licensing is a highly competitive area of the music business, but everyone deserves a fair shot. All music licensing opportunities on Broadjam are open to every musician that wants to be considered, making it a level playing field for all. Every day on Broadjam you can find over 100 music licensing opportunities for your music, covering every style and genre.


Hiding in Public

The grand-prize winner of Broadjam's annual 6-Pack Songwriting Competition has been decided by a final elimination process, with finalists competing for the grand prize. Congratulations to the winner of the 2012 6-Pack Steinberg Finals, Hiding in Public! 

Hiding in Public is the winner of the Steinberg Ultimate Studio Solution, a combination of hardware and software worth over $10,000.


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