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Broadjam Member Newsletter: 12-15-05, #302

Dear Broadjam Member,

Congratulations to the nine artists who received in-depth reviews of their songs by Pro Reviewer Magic Mendez! Check out these artists and songs that made their way to the top through the peer review process. Then read their feedback from a true industry professional.

Listen to Vince Constantino's "Tailor Made (Smooth Piano Jazz)" for some great piano work and excellent chord changes that keep you hooked to the song. Next, check out Alan Daubenspeck's "Opening Day." The intro with a muted trumpet sets the jazzy tone of the song. The overall rhythm and use of instruments makes the song mysterious and enticing. Check out these two well-produced songs and the seven others that received professional feedback from Magic Mendez.

Midwest Song Contest
Today is the deadline for submitting your songs to the Midwest Song Contest! So, put the finishing touches on your songs and submit them before you lose your chance at the $500 grand prize. The Midwest Song Contest is sponsored by the Madison (Wisconsin) Songwriters Group (MSG). Categories for the contest are: Alternative/Metal, Children’s/Novelty, Country/Americana, Folk/Acoustic, Gospel/Inspirational, Jazz/Instrumental, Pop/Rock, and Urban/Hip Hop. The winner in each category will receive a Broadjam Primo MoB membership.

The contest is open to all members of MSG and residents of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Province of Ontario, Canada. Get your songs in today!

Magic Mendez
Pro Reviewer:  Magic Mendez   

We'd like to thank Magic Mendez for the thoughtful feedback and insightful comments he provided for the nine artists chosen to have their songs reviewed. Magic emerged in the early nineties as the founder and producer of Magic Muzik Productions, working with major label and indie artists alike. He has had the good fortune of producing some of his childhood musical heroes such as The Whispers, The Manhattans and George Duke, just to name a few.

Magic's unique musical skills began at the early age of six, singing lead in his church choir, then joining his family’s band where he learned to play each band member’s instrument, and eventually taking on the role of band leader. After playing with a number of musical groups during his teen years, Magic went on to pioneer his own band, reflecting his own distinct tastes. That group, conceived 25 years ago, is now known as Unified Tribe, a 12-member dynamic force that energizes and stimulates audiences all over.

It was through the guidance and inspiration of mentor Maurice White, while signed to Kalimba Productions, that Magic began his own production company, Magic Muzik Productions. Magic Muzik Studios is comprised of in-house producers, writers, and engineers and offers music production specializing in R&B, Pop, Jazz, A/C and Hip-Hop music.

Learn more about Magic and check out his reviews.

Pro Review Recipients
Magic Mendez Pro Review Recipients  

Magic listened to and reviewed nine songs and provided insightful feedback for each one. The following artists and songs were chosen for a Pro Review:

Listen to each song and read all the reviews.

ARTIST: Vince Constantino
Hampton Roads, Virginia
United States
Featured Song:  Tailor Made (Smooth Piano Jazz)  

Songwriter Vince Constantino is a multi-instrumentalist with a wide range of influences spanning popular music from the1920s to the present. He has adopted elements of Steely Dan, James Taylor, Motown, Bill Evans, Porter/Gershwin/Rogers/Arlen/Carmichael, Billy Joel, Bonnie Raitt, Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays, Michael McDonald, Sting, Nat King Cole, Gino Vanelli, Keith Jarrett, Vince Guaraldi, and Quincy Jones, to name a few. His piano-centered compositions are usually described as jazzy and melodic.

As a pianist and vocal accompanist, he has played around the world, including much of Europe, Asia, and North America. A lifelong student of popular music, his repertoire now numbers over 2,400 tunes and spans all styles. He recently turned his attention to writing instrumental arrangements for TV and film.

“This is a very nice uplifting arrangement. It’s reminiscent of such great artists as Chick Corea and Russ Freeman and the Rippingtons. It’s very clear that a lot of creative thought and time went into this arrangement and I appreciate the evident attention to detail. I really like the way the instruments weave in and out of each other creating a sense of constant movement. This is an artist that I would love to have the pleasure of working with.
- Magic Mendez, Pro Reviewer

Check out Vince Constantino's Artist Profile Page.

ARTIST: Alan Daubenspeck
Charleston, West Virginia
United States
Featured Song:  Opening Day   

Alan Daubenspeck is from Charleston, West Virginia and has many talents in areas of composing, arranging, and producing.

He received his bachelor's degree in Music Education in 1983 from Morehead State University in Kentucky. In 1990, Alan got his master's degree in Music at the University of Miami in Florida.

"This track is very innovative and creative; the chord progressions are flat out fun! I can't help but picture the two "Spy Vs. Spy" characters when I hear this track. I really love the arrangement and its Jazz appeal. I feel this track has power in its simplicity. It’s very clear to me that Alan has a strong musical foundation and he has demonstrated excellent production and arrangement skills in this track. I really love the balance in the mix, it’s excellent. Great job Alan!
- Magic Mendez, Pro Reviewer

Visit Alan Daubenspeck's Artist Profile Page.

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