Audio-Technica Blog Giveaway winner
Blog Giveaway winner
Broadjam is pleased to announce the winner of the Audio-Technica M3M Wireless In-Ear Monitor System Blog Giveaway - JULIAN aKa Cookie Cutter Girl! Read her testimonial below.
Broadjam News: 11/13/08 #584
JULIAN aKa Cookie Cutter Girl

JULIAN aKa Cookie Cutter Girl
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Location: BOSTON, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES
Bio: "I'd like to send a BIG thank you to the Broadjam members who voted for me in the Audio-Technica M3M Wireless In-Ear Monitor System Giveaway! I'm really looking forward to putting these in-ear monitors to use as soon as I can. Using in-ear monitors while you perform gives you a level of confidence and control that you can't get any other way, and I've heard great things about the M3M Wireless In-Ear Monitor System from my friends that use it. The Audio-Technica in-ear monitor system is like an ala carte menu for your ears. You choose which instruments and sounds you want AND exactly how much of them you want to hear. Audio-Technica allows every artist to create their own musical menu masterpiece! These monitors will help me take my performance to a whole new level. Thanks again to the people who voted for me, and to Broadjam and Full Compass for providing this wonderful opportunity!"

Julian aKa CCG Pop Superhero

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