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Broadjam Member Newsletter: 6-15-06, #351

Dear Broadjam Member,

Welcome to the heart and soul of Middle America! This week, we invite you to experience the roots of rock and country music - where gritty riffs and smooth ballads convey the essence of the Heartland. Whether you are in the mood for excitement or easy listening, we have it all on the latest Top 10 charts from Iowa and Montana!

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New Top 10s
NEW Broadjam Top 10 Charts:  Iowa, Montana      

Get a feel for the "simple life" from the gifted songwriters on this week's Top 10 charts. In Iowa, they work hard but play even harder. Prepare to be rocked out of your work boots and into your dancing shoes for the country nightlife. Then sit back and hear the tale of a place where relationships are meaningful and the past worth remembering.

Don’t be deceived by the name, Swansongs is anything but elegant or pretentious. The song “KNOGGIN POUNDIN” perfectly describes what Swan Burrus' solo project is all about – getting down and shaking loose.  With forceful downbeats and an unforgettable hook, beware of impulsive fits of singing along. The song actually comes with its own disclaimer: “I’m sorry if you’re drownin’ in my sea of knoggin poundin’!”  But we forgive Swansongs; head bumping never felt so good!

Open your heart to Adam Nelson’s introspective “I’m Still the Same Man." Touching on existential topics including friendship, love and time, Nelson provides a hopeful, yet deeply nostalgic perspective of life. The passionate baritone harmony is guided by a cello, which flows seamlessly with the soft percussion and bright piano. Like a beautiful Montana sunset, this song will leave you with the conflicting feelings of adoration and sadness.

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ARTIST: Swansongs
Davenport, Iowa
United States
Featured Song:  KNOGGIN POUNDIN     

Swan Burrus, aka Swansongs, jump-started his musical career when he and his brother helped compose the track "Stay Home" for the smash soundtrack, Shrek. Since then, Burrus has continued to write and compose music while independently releasing his own album. Recently, Burrus has also been involved in creating beats for hip hop artists as wells as composing jingles for major corporations and small businesses.

“BRILLIANT. The best song I've heard so far. I love it guys, great work.”
-Broadjam Member, Songwriter

Visit Swansongs' Artist Profile Page.

ARTIST: Adam Nelson
Columbia Falls, Montana
United States
Featured Song:  I'm Still the Same Man     

Adam Nelson has been a composer since he was very young, and continues to perfect his skills at writing a multitude of genres. As a one-man operation, he plays every instrument and performs the vocals on each track, incorporating both originality and versatility. Nelson wants his listeners to embody and experience his music. To him, silence is a blank canvas open to a universe of artistic possibility.

“Nice ideas, good dynamics, good vocals.”
-Broadjam Member, Studio Musician

Visit Adam Nelson's Artist Profile Page.

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