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The anticipation has been building around this year's Broadjam 6-Pack and we are proud to announce that the 2006-Pack has now started! So crack open a cold one and find out the details of the six challenges, the sponsors, and all the fabulous prizes awaiting the winners! The six individual songwriting challenges take place between June and October 2006. Ranging from best music video to top original birthday song, each challenge looks for songs or videos based on a different theme or objective.

Participants earn points just for entering and additional points based on peer reviews. Over $50,000 in great prizes will be awarded to three winners in each challenge plus 20 overall winners. Best of all, the participant who guzzles down the most points throughout all six challenges wins the grand prize package, worth over $14,000!

You can track your progress throughout the competition, beginning the week of June 19th, on the Leaderboard. There, it will list the top 20 participants in the overall competition along with the number of points each one has earned. Additionally, you can sort the Leaderboard to view the top 20 participants in each challenge. Read below for more details on Broadjam's second annual 6-Pack Songwriting competition.

Spill Your Guts
Broadjam 6-Pack Challenge: Spill Your Guts

If your last break up resulted in meaningful song, this challenge is for you! For the Spill Your Guts 6-Pack challenge, we’re asking you to pick an emotion and convey it through music. Don’t feel limited to ex-bashing emo—any lyric or instrumentation that clearly expresses an emotion to the listener is game. Don’t miss your chance to open your heart and spill your guts.

Learn more about the Broadjam 6-Pack.

Put Your Music Where
Your Mouth Is
Broadjam 6-Pack Challenge: Put Your Music Where Your Mouth Is

Say goodbye to the prima donnas and egocentric front men – the Put Your Music Where Your Mouth Is 6-Pack challenge will put your music center stage. We’re looking for an original instrumental song that conveys your musical ideas without words.  From groovin’ electronic beats to epic soundtracks, this challenge welcomes all genres of music - as long as you keep your mouth shut!

Submit today!

Acoustic Slide
Broadjam 6-Pack Challenge: Acoustic Slide

It’s time to strip down to the basics for the Acoustic Slide challenge. We want to hear your best acoustic song, whether you strum the guitar like a pro or simply pull the plug on your favorite tune. Songwriting skills come to the forefront in acoustic music, so be sure to submit your best! Unplug your guitars, power off the amps, and boogie-woogie, woogie to the acoustic slide.

Learn more.

Birthday Bash
Broadjam 6-Pack Challenge: Birthday Bash

Ever wonder how such a simple, basic song as “Happy Birthday” has become a worldwide tradition? The Birthday Bash challenge gives you the chance to add some creativity and flair to everyone’s annual celebration. Skip the “Happy Birthday” covers—we’re looking for original tunes that speak to the birthday boy or girl in the tone of your choice. Let your songwriting skills take center stage in the creation of a new tribute to a year gone by.

Enter the Broadjam 6-Pack.

Jingles All The Way
Broadjam 6-Pack Challenge: Jingles All The Way

Ever written an ode to milk?  Are you dying to let your fans know just how much your toothbrush means to you? For this 6-Pack challenge, we want to hear your best jingle. Pick the product of your choice (generic or brand name), and serenade listeners with the reasons they should buy it. The best jingles convey the essential qualities of the item in a catchy and memorable way. Get creative – existing taglines and music are off limits – we want to hear original jingles that display your songwriting skills.

Learn more about the Broadjam 6-Pack.

Lights, Camera, Music
Broadjam 6-Pack Challenge: Lights, Camera, Music

Your music is great, we know, but does it translate into captivating video? We’re asking you to bring your tunes to life on the big screen in the Lights, Camera, Music challenge. Your music video should convey your image through the combination of song and visuals in a creative way. So keep your eyes and ears wide open and get that camera rolling!  

Get more info.

6-Pack Sponsors
Broadjam 6-Pack Competition: Sponsor Prize Packages

We want to thank our sponsors for the generous prize packages they are offering for the winners of the Broadjam 6-Pack. This year, our sponsors are giving away over $50,000 in prizes! Each sponsor is listed below with the prizes they are providing.

  • E Labs Multimedia - 1 week recording/studio time, 1 week hotel accommodations
  • IK Multimedia - 7 copies of AmpliTube 2, 6 copies of Classik Studio Reverb, 6 copies of AmpliTube Live, 1 copy of SampleTank2, 1 T-RackS plug-in, 1 Sonic Synth 2 workstation, 1 copy of Miroslav Philharmonik 19 copies of Sample Tank 2 L
  • Electro Voice - 2 ZX1-90 Loudspeakers, 2 Sb122 Subwoofers, 2 Adjustable Poles, 1 CP2200 Power Amp, 2 N/D767a Microphones, 2 Cardinal Microphones
  • Sony - 1 Vegas + DVD, 7 copies of ACID PRO 6, 7 copies of Sound Forge 8, 7 Tony Franklin Loop Libraries, 1 copy of Drums from the Big Room performance loops.
  • Genelec - 1 pair each of 8050A, 8040A, 8030A, and 8020A studio monitors.
  • Digidesign - 1 Digi 002 Factory, 6 MBox 2 Factories
  • Mackie - 15 copies of Tracktion2
  • DigiTech - 1 GNX3000 Guitar Workstation
  • ILIO & Spectrasonics - 7 copies of Stylus RMX Virtual Instrument Software, 4 ILIO S.A.G.E. XPanders
  • MasterWriter - 7 copies of MasterWriter Software
  • Hercules & Kaysound - 2 Hercules DJ Console MK2s, and 2 Hercules 16/12 Firewires
  • PowerFX - 18 PowerFX 2rAw Sample CDs, 6 prizes of $50 in downloadable credits and $500 worth of CDs and credits
  • Digital - 6 three-month Pro Accounts, 6 one-year Pro Accounts, 1 one-year Studio Account
  • Ableton - 1 copy of Ableton Live 5, 3 Ableton Sweatshirts, 3 Ableton Bags
  • PG Music - 2 copies of Band-in-a-Box Pro, 1 copy of Band-in-a-Box Pro PowerPAK for Windows

Learn more about the Broadjam 6-Pack.

Be sure to check out the Broadjam 6-Pack songwriting challenges and don't miss out on your chance to get creative and win some great prizes! Also, remember to check the Leaderboard beginning June 19th so you can track your progress during the competition. All challenges are now open for submissions, so what are you waiting for?!?

Thank you for your support!


The Broadjam Staff

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