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Broadjam Member Newsletter: 5-25-06, #345

Dear Broadjam Member,

Congratulations to the talented winners of Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution Contest. The winning songs will be featured in an upcoming edition of the wildly popular dance game. First, DM Ashura’s hypnotic "GO!" is sure to faze a few Dance Dance Revolution dancers with its challenging beats. Fast paced and highly stimulating, "GO!" will keep DDR dancers on their toes!  Next, Dig Bear brings a fresh, funky addition to the electronic-house genre with his single “There’s a Rhythm." The track features Kat Blu on lead vocals, which are complemented by Dig Bear's subtle guitar melody and up-tempo beat.  Kat Blu keeps your ears tuned in with her “Chaka Kahn”-style voice and a catchy chorus that will be in your head all day. Also, check out Jeff Steinman's upbeat, foot-tapping instrumental, “Race Against Time,” featuring lots of synth and brass tracks. Finally, ZeroFuser brings fast beats and driving house rhythms in "Grandolin." Be sure to check out all the excellent electronic artists on!

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Atlanta, Georgia
United States
Featured Song:  GO!     

A student of Georgia Institute of Technology, Bill Shillito started playing piano at age 2 and composing at age 8. He grew up surrounded by music, and the works of Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart were no stranger to him. His first track under the name DM Ashura (DM stands for "Digital Maestro") was neoMAX, a remix of the popular "Max" series in Dance Dance Revolution. It won DDREI's TournaMix 4, and that's what told DM Ashura that he really needed to continue in music.

Now, he’s making some tracks in hopes of being included in a future dance game called "In The Groove.” DM Ashura currently spends his time honing his skills in electronic music and making a number of tracks, some remixes of Bemani songs and some original tracks!

“ 'GO!' is creative in using the word 'go' with an English assertion, but with the countdown in another language. Great rhythm and a driving beat really get your feet moving!”
-Broadjam Staff Reviewer

Visit DM Ashura's Artist Profile Page.

ARTIST: Dig Bear
Geneva, Switzerland
Featured Song:  There's a Rhythm     

Dig Bear (aka Urs Lotze) started playing the guitar at age 12. Former lead singer and lead guitar with his own band, he toured and released a single in Europe. His other activities include studio session guitar work (for platinum winning songwriter - Universal), live session guitar work with drummer Kenny Martin (Defunkt) and bassist Max Hughes (Chaka Khan), among others. Dig Bear also produces and composes music for documentary films (for Swiss national TV).

Urs is now songwriting, producing, programming and playing all instruments (except bass) on the Dig Bear project. Dig Bear was the USA MakeAStar 2004 songwriter contest winner with "Feel It." Most of Dig Bear's songs have made it into the Top 10s on Dig Bear has teamed with singer Kat Blu, who is known for her UK Garage hit, "Do It Again."

“Funky old school type house. Fantastic vocal, sweet harmonies that weren't overpowering the main vocal. Levels are really good in the overall mix.”
- Broadjam Member, Music / Film Professional

Visit Dig Bear's Artist Profile Page.

ARTIST: Jeff Steinman
San Diego, California
United States
Featured Song:  Race Against Time     

As a serious trumpet player and drummer, Jeff Steinman started his college career as a music major but soon switched to computer science and physics. He received a Ph.D. in high-energy physics from UCLA, and has since pioneered several high performance computing technologies.

Jeff resumed his music career as a composer/arranger in 1990, engaging in a wide variety of styles. He applies his brass and percussion background to big band music styles, but has also written orchestral, pop, gospel, smooth jazz, rock, and other styles, including two marches, a polka, and TV theme songs.

He recently signed with ACM Records as one of their featured composer/arrangers. Jeff has had more than 60 Broadjam Top 10 placements in various categories.

“Nice intro, great keyboard. I like the driving rhythm. Interesting percussion with Hampton-like vibes.”
-Broadjam Member, Songwriter

Visit Jeff Steinman's Artist Profile Page.

ARTIST: ZeroFuser
Ontario, Canada
Featured Song:  Grandolin     

ZeroFuser is an electronic artist from Ontario, Canada. A keyboardist, songwriter and engineer, ZeroFuser's musical accomplishments include working with Flash Flash Revolution Cellular and Digital Shock Entertainment.

“This song really builds up nicely from the opening crescendo to a solid bass line. I enjoyed the wide range of instruments within this electronic track. The switching between piano and violin is unique and keeps you captivated throughout the song.”
- Broadjam Staff Reviewer

Visit Zerofuser's Artist Profile Page.

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The Broadjam Staff

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