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Broadjam Member Newsletter: 5-11-06, #341

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Amidst scores of young talent, two leading Longhorns have emerged as Grand Prize winners of the Texas Music Project's 2006 Texas 10 Under 20 competition. Kudos to Landon Austin and Joyride for their excellent songwriting skills and musicality. These young musicians took center stage while performing live alongside many other skilled Texans. Be sure to check out all the great Texas 10 Under 20 finalists.

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ARTIST: Landon Austin
Dallas, Texas
United States
Dallas Grand Prize Winner:  Landon Austin

Featured Song: Afternoon    

Seventeen-year-old singer/songwriter Landon Austin of Dallas was named the Texas Music Project's 2006 Texas 10 Under 20 winner for the North Texas region. A junior at Episcopal School of Dallas, Landon performed two original pieces, "Ask Myself" and "Afternoon," both of which drew high praises from the panel of judges. 

Landon was a finalist in the 2004 Texas 10 Under 20 competition with his electric guitar solo.  This year, he performed on acoustic guitar, adding original lyrics and smooth vocals.

"It is truly a miraculous feeling to be chosen as the winner of the Texas 10 Under 20," Landon told his music teacher at ESD, John Swafford.  In addition to the pride that comes with mentoring this year's winner, the Episcopal School of Dallas will be the recipient of the $1,000 Music Education Grant awarded to Landon from the Texas Music Project.  
As winner of the Texas 10 Under 20 Dallas competition, Landon has been invited to perform on the Main Stage at Taste Addison on May 13, and has also won an Epiphone guitar and bass guitar, a Slingerland snare drum, a Broadjam Primo MoB membership, and studio recording time at ASM Recording Studio.

Visit Landon Austin's Artist Profile Page.

ARTIST: Joyride
Austin, Texas
United States
Austin Grand Prize Winner:  Joyride   

Featured Song: Always the Same    

Joyride creates, reinvents and performs music that reaches back to rock music's roots in the blues and slingshots it forward through a multitude of musical genres.

Joyride is a young band ranging in age from 13 to 16 years. You'd never guess their ages from their level of skill, but it hits you between the eyes as each performance sizzles with the energy, creativity and perspective of this newest generation of musicians.

Joyride's four members are all from different schools in Austin. They all study at the Austin School of Music and have been together as a band for less than a year. 

As winner of the Texas 10 Under 20 Austin competition, Joyride performed at the Old Pecan Street Arts Festival, and also won an Epiphone guitar and bass guitar, a Slingerland snare drum, a Broadjam Primo MoB membership, and studio recording time at ASM Recording Studio. In addition, Joyride will also receive a $1,000 music education grant for their school, courtesy of the Texas Music Project!

Visit Joyride's Artist Profile Page.

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