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Member: Mike Gladstone (New York, United States)

Posted: Mar 15, 2017

Deadline: None

Category: Other (Recording/Production)

Member Endorsements: 212

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I would love to record your music!

My writing and production took 2nd place in the 2013 Broadjam 6-Pack competition and 4th in 2014. See other placements/accomplishments in my bio below.

Tonesearch Studios can create everything from a quality acoustic demo to a full blown band production. Here are the types of things I can do for you:

I can also provide:

* World class realization of your demo

* creative production - remotely or in my studio

* vocal correction/enhancement

* mixing

* mastering

* pro guitar tracks for your music

Please contact me if you would like to discuss pricing or talk further!

Bio: I am a singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer currently living in Fairport, NY. I own and operate a recording studio and am currently working on my material and producing/recording that of other bands/artists. I addition, I am pursuing opportunities to license my music to film and television. I am the guitarist for Gary Lewis & the Playboys and Junkyardfieldtrip and Uncle Plum.

I have had my music used by ESPN, "The Young and the Restless", "Barbara Walter's Most Interesting People of 2011", The Food Network, SPIKE, Velocity, The Boston Red Sox, Movie "The Lucky One" and other films, TV shows and commercials.

Semi-finalist in the songwriting competition for the song "Blind"
SongwriterUniverse's Best Song Of The Month Competition - January '16 for Mercy
Placed 4th in the 6-Pack Competition 2014
Placed 2nd in the 6-Pack Competition 2013
Finalist in the Songs That Save Songwriting Competition
Top 5 finalist in the 2013 Show Me the Music Songwriting Competition