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Member: The Noted (Oregon, United States)

Posted: Jun 30, 2016

Deadline: None

Category: Videographer/Filmmaker

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Looking for footage you have to be edited into a professional video; I'd love to help. I'm a video editor and graphics designer for Nike, and many Portland based artists. If you have some greats songs and footage, I've love to work with you. - Daniel/The Noted band

Bio: The Noted - "Inspiring rock about love, life, and you"

2014 Radio Spins exceed 190 stations worldwide,, 503.344.4318

Enjoy popular music loved by fans of all ages, as featured on the iTunes main page (July, 2013) Great new songs with a contemporary, yet classic rock vibe that are diverse in style and message, created by some pretty nice people - The Noted.

The Noted are...
Daniel Work: vocals • piano/keys • acoustic guitar • songwriter (ASCAP)
Jeff Koch: electric guitar
Mike Snyder: drums/percussion
John Dwyer: bass • vocals
Angela Baldino: vocals • percussion • keyboards

"The Noted's 2013 release "At This Moment" is a mixture of silly fun songs, beautiful ballads, and a wide range of stylistic rock tunes with political and social commentary that will get better with every listen." - Interdual

Record Label/Publishing Company: SmileyNote Studios, inc.
Director of Photography: Emery Clay III, Solsbury Hill Productions