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Sam Cooper (Tennessee, United States)
Posted June 28, 2016
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Started professionally in 1972, I've worn many hats since then in working with all levels of people in the music industry from bottom to top, including members of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, Grammy winners, Oscar Winners, Emmy winners, CMA winners, etc... Interestingly, I'm not actually in it for the money anymore, I'm in it for the music. I've advised and helped connect others who are in Nashville with the hope I can help them cut to the chase in achieving their goals. As a producer, my goal is to help artists realize their recording potential, in my own studio or in commercial studios. This includes material selection, arrangements and the recording process. I would like to think that by what I do, I walk the walk as a musician and performer, myself, giving me the actual ability to come from a position of experience.


Welcome to the website for Nashville, TN based producer/songwriter/musician/performer Sam Cooper, Jerricat Music (SESAC), Jericat Music (BMI), Red Heart Records, Red Heart Music. Sam is the host of SAM'S JAMS at Bobby's Idle Hour, a weekly songwriter party on Wednesdays from noon to 8 pm on Music Row in Nashville. All music on the "songs" page is written/co-written and/or produced/co-produced by Sam. To hear and/or download Red Heart Records' release of Ray Dahrouge's holiday album, "IT'S CHRISTMAS EVERYWHERE" (click the "albums" link ). Downloads of these and many other songs are also available at the "songs" page of this site. For hundreds of photos and latest information related to Sam, please visit Facebook, Reverbnation and/or MySpace at .com/samcooperjericatmusic. To contact Sam, send a message with full name and contact information directly to
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