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Member: Robin Grimmond (Scotland, United Kingdom)

Posted: Jun 11, 2018

Deadline: None

Category: Composer/Songwriter/Lyricist

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I've been writing lyrics with a number of singer songwriters for some time now and I'd like to think that I've become receptive to other composers' needs.

If you send me a melody (along with information on theme, potential title, emotions you would like to inspire in the listener) , I'll do my very best to come up with lyrics that will reflect your wishes.

I'm not precious about my lyrics so, if what I come up with is not to your taste or otherwise not what you're looking for, I'm more than happy to rip it up and start again or call it it a day completely if you don't feel I'm on the same page as yourself.

No egos here !

Collaboration by e mail is preferred.

If we come up with a song together, I would be looking for 50/50 Writer Royalty Share and 50/50 Publisher Share.

If you're interested, why don't you send me an e mail, I'll always reply.

Bio: I've been writing songs since 2011 and now have over 400 to my name, mainly in country, folk and comedy genres although I do occasionally stray into rock, blues and punk.

My influences are John Prine and Loudon Wainwright and my heroes are latter plus the Beach Boys, Ramones, Kinks and Michael Nesmith.

I sometimes come up with melodies for my lyrics but I am much more confident writing lyrics as I don't play an instrument and have an iffy voice, to say the least.

I've attached a couple of songs I wrote fairly recently where I came up with the melody too, they're both performed by Dennis Winge.