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Posted June 23, 2016
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Engineering services for full sessions and/or mastering is $100 USD an hour. This includes (but is not limited to) dynamic processing, stereo imaging, noise reduction, artifact reduction, MIDI / timbre replacement, audio editing, spacial effects, audio glitching, balancing, and general mastering. Audio sessions will be processed in a Pro-Tools environment, mixed on a pair of Genelec 8040 Stereo Monitors, and shaped with over 40k in state of the art tools by an engineer with over a decade's experience and numerous degrees.


Nathaniel Jones provides services in demo production, score composing, remixing, timbre replacement, engineering, and mastering.

His work is currently in circulation with ABC, CBS, NBC, MTV, Discovery, The Learning Channel, "O" network, and independent films as well.

In the words of Nathaniel...

"What I do at Protilius Productions is really about being a capable passenger through a process of exploring, mastering, and enjoying the science of sound. Human beings are constantly evolving, and as such, so is the way humans present their emotions through sound. Thats where I like to be... Thats where I like Protilius to live. Right on the edge of artistic innovation with the aid of state of the art tools and a proper dose of imagination."

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