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Member: Produca X (Oklahoma, United States)

Posted: Jun 2, 2017

Deadline: None

Category: Producer

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Hi everyone! My name is Produca X and I am a Music Producer. I like to make all kinds of music. Whatever is inspiring you I will make.

Bio: One of the Best Upcoming Music Producer 2017 and hip hop artist Produca X drops his latest track "Flowers While Livin".

The smooth, catchy instrumental is the perfect beat for his straight-forward lyrics expressing his take on showing and telling the ones you love you love them before their gone.

Produca X didn't start out as one of the best new upcoming music producers for 2017 by not putting in work. Since 2001 he's been in the lab perfecting his craft and working with upcoming local artists.

When he is not writing lyrics, he cooking up instrumentals of all flavors. Whether it's hip hop, trap, r&b, electronic dance music you are certain to find his music to be melodic and fresh.