Session Guitarist For Your Next Blues Or Rock Project

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Member: Jose Santacruz (Texas, United States)

Posted: Dec 26, 2016

Deadline: None

Category: Session Player (GUITAR - Electric)

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I would love the opportunity to laydown a guitar track for your music, especially in the blues or rock genre. I love to jam to new things and even have a few tracks on my profile page that showcase my abilities in these genres. I will work as a rhythm or lead guitarist, whichever you need for your particular song. I do have my own recording setup, and would love the opportunity to help you fulfill your vision for your music.

Bio: I am a guitarist based in South Texas who loves to create moods and visions with music. My guitar helps me express what I cannot express in words. I am looking to make music that will complement someone's view of the world in a movie or any other visual medium they may need it for. I have been playing guitar and making music for over 25 years and I love it more everyday. Hope you enjoy what you hear.