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Member: In-Ex Records (England, United Kingdom)

Posted: Apr 15, 2018

Deadline: None

Category: Publicist/Social Media

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Includes the promoting and marketing to all our social medial platforms (twiter, facebook, Instagram, linked-In, google-plus, Pintrest, youtube), submitting to radio stations, magazines, blogs, press release, radio interviews, podcasts, Dj Pool etc:

Bio: In-Ex Records est; 12 years are a Label, Distributor and Publisher whom specialises in the promotion of Unsigned and Indie music artists.
The company was founded by Senior, whom himself have a wide knowledge regarding the music industry. Having grown up in the ghetto of Kingston, Jamaica, he came across many of todays well known famous reggae artists and musicians, including Admiral Tibet, Ninja, Ansell Collin, Luciano and more who found it difficult getting themselves recognised within the bigger record labels and publishing companies. Having observed up until today, the same problem still exists, hence the reason In-Ex Records was formed.

Music Production We record, mix and master your materials, design the cover artwork and have your music ready to release to the whole world.

Music Licensing: Your production is now ready to be licensed with our music licensing partners that we work alongside, these being Prs Mcps Ppl and Sound-exchange. We protect the copyrights and any unauthorised usage of your materials as an artist, label, composer and writer worldwide. In-Ex Records places your materials in front of relevant bodies that would be interested in using your songs or compositions for TV purposes wether it being films, commercials, documentaries etc or perhaps just as soundtracks

Music Distribution Your new production is now ready to be distributed to the major downloading and streeming stores including iTunes, amazon, beatbort, tidal, juno, deezer, Spotify, 7digital (hmv), google-play, dj tunes he list goes on. In-Ex Records will have your music distributed and available to purchase worldwide within 4-6 weeks.