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Member: Third Word (Georgia, United States)

Posted: Jul 21, 2017

Deadline: None

Category: Producer

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Listen to my catalog on Broadjam. I offer ROYALTY FREE instrumental beats and drum tracks for Hip-Hop and Pop artists. Listen to my the quality of my commercial beats, and you'll hear that UNIQUE HIT SINGLE you're looking for!

Bio: New Music By Jared Johnson / Third Word Publishing

Songwriter/Producer/Publisher Jared Johnson formed Third Word Publishing and affiliated with BMI. Third Word Publishing consists of versatile musicians and vocalists that span the genres of R&B,Pop,Hip-Hop,and Jazz. His accomplished studio group performs and records the original songs of Producer/Songwriter Jared Johnson. The performances have been broadcast nationally and internationally, and the music is available worldwide DIGITALLY on ITUNES. Have a listen to MY SONG CATALOG which has now exceeds 65 songs. Check out my original beats available for recording artists and songwriters. My catalog is also available for FILM/TV Licensing.