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Member: Duane K Estill (Texas, United States)

Posted: Dec 7, 2017

Deadline: None

Category: Voice Over Talent

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I specialize in celebrity voices in a wide variety of applications. My most popular are;

1. Morgan Freeman
2. Sean Connery (007)
3. Yoda (Star Wars)

I have done over 100 of each of the above with very satisfied customers.

I have recording credits on IMDB for a major movie, and full professional recording capabilities.

Bio: Classical trained pianist as a child, turned electronica musician/composer as an adult. I now strive to create unique and emotionally moving music using all digital and acoustic resources, as long as it is beautiful.
Special interests in complex use of computers in sound generation, brain-wave acoustics, and soft-synths. Also intense interest in AD/DA converters and technology. Have a large collection of converters, speakers, and can master in practically any audio format or frequency and provide spectral analysis or sound extraction on digital audio material.

Music is my soul, and I can't "not do" music, it's just a given since age 4.

I grew up in the Deep South, but my family is French, so I am a cross between pure country and French snob.....HA!