Larry Costa, award winning Singer/Actor, Author, Film producer.
His work can be seen on every type of media platform. His films are on Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix. His songs are one of a kind with a voice that is not easily forgotten.
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Hi Larry,
Thanks so much for the positive review of our Christmas song "HO HO HO." We're so glad you enjoyed it!

I'll be checking out some your songs too.

Thanks again and have a great day/week... be well!


4 weeks ago to larry costa

Hi Larry - thanks so much for the glowing review on "Let Her Go" so glad you liked it! appreciate your comment and agree it could be too abrupt on the ending..

over 30 days ago to larry costa

Heya Larry - Thanks so much for your kind review of Oh du Froehliche, it's not heard very often I think - but it is so pretty. I might just go ahead
and pitch it. Thanks for the encouragement! I am looking forward to listening to your stuff now. Cheers :)

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