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Kevin “” John was born in Dominica W.I. in the mid 70’s. Raised in Toronto,
Canada, was exposed to music at a very young age. His Father’s music collection
included Sam Cook, Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles, Curtis Mayfield and Simon &
Garfunkel to name a few. From childhood,’s inspiration came from the likes of
Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Sting, Prince and Marvin Gaye. He started singing in
the church and school choirs at the age of 7. He also played in the band and started playing the piano around the same time. At age 13, he would hear the sound that would
inspire him to pursue his passion for music. “The New Jack Swing”! After seeing Teddy
Riley in the “Groove Me” video, Jam thought to himself “that’s what I want to do”.
Throughout high school, excelled in the arts. After graduation, he began working in
a well-known pro audio store in downtown Toronto where he learned the art of audio
engineering and production by familiarizing himself with studio equipment in the showrooms. Soon after, he would set up a more elaborate studio at home where he would produce tracks and cut demo vocals. Through trial and error he discovered his purpose through his passion for the love of music.

During those years his love for the music had working with any and
everybody who had talent. But it wasn’t until a local rap group he was working with
introduced him to R&B group Nijero, that he really started to grasp the difference
between making music and making a record. With Chuboi who was one of the members
from Nijero and is currently working with many producers & songwriters in the industry such as Teddy Bishop from Aaliyah’s “I Miss You”, he would produce many songs for demos and stage performances.

After years of working with local acts, it was time for to step up his game and test the waters south of the border. This producer, songwriter, artist and engineer is extremely versatile when it comes to communicating his visions into various genres of music. At first, his conception involved creating tracks and then over time he began writing lyrics. His production has already made quite a buzz in the music industry. In 2004, worked at Capstone Music Works (Studio Resort) in Douglasville, outside of Atlanta where he produced and engineered many high profile sessions for artists such as: Kandi Burress & LaTocha Scott from Xscape, Khujo Goodie from Goodie Mob, Nivea, Young Bloodz, Jim Crow, Polow Da Don, Rich Boy, Mario Winans, Mechalie Jamison & B-5 from Bad Boy, just to name a few. With all the knowledge that has picked up and the relationships he has developed in the industry, this hard working talent is primed for a musical revolution.

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