Rock guitarist, music writer, producer from Minnesota.

News/Reviews - 5/2000 to 2/2005

Tennis Tune: Red, White and Green
by Richard Pagliaro, 02/18/2005
Web Editor, Tennis Week Magazine
White Plains, New York
"Tennis serves as a sport and a source of entertainment for many fans, but for James Limborg it's a musical muse. The 34-year-old Roseville, Minnesota musician, a self-described "Eddie Van Halen-style rock guitarist" and a 3.5 rated tennis player, has written and recorded his tribute to tennis: "Red, White and Green." read full story...

By drpiano, 05/15/2000
"Wow... Your music seems to have an udercurrent of eclectic homogenization. Perhaps to the point of being totally original. What I'm saying here is so frequently, artists end up giving us music in which we think, at least on some level, that we have been there, done that. When done right, of course, such close following of formats makes for highly acceptable music. When done wrong, we scream, "...this is derivative." What you have here is something that does manage to touch a universal chord, is recognizable to our experiential patterns, and yet does not lend itself to be easily quantifiable. Thus, your music is both accessible, in that we feel we understand it, and yet totally new and different. I'll come right out and say it: The last time I was struck like this was a decade and a half ago, when I first heard a Malmsteen tape. I am startled that you are unsigned! How to improve? Just keep at it and allow your music to deepen with age, as the great artists do."

News/Reviews - 2/2005 to 3/2005

By Linda Arndt, 03/26/2005
Companion Care Consultant,
Central Indiana
"Hello Jim - how cool... I sent your song titled Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to the owners of Eagle! Eagle is a family company and a great dog food. I simply answer their emails for them and am friends of the family. Our family has Cavies as well... they are great dogs and because of Eagle, they have great coats!"

By Nathan Lewis, 03/26/2005
Arlington, VA 22207
"I am getting the Entertainment Channel ready to go on air in about an hour with your Blue Sky song at the top. That's great news about Ken Dardis who runs that site is very picky about the music that goes on there, so "Blue Sky" must be good! Nate"

By Ken Dardis, 03/26/2005
Cleveland, Ohio
"Congratulations. "Blue Sky" has unseated one of the previous top 10 songs listed on's Pop Music page. Your song is now among the best 10 pop music tracks available for online radio programmers to sample."

By The Panel, 03/20/2005
"Congratulations! Your song titled Red, White and Green made the MP3Songs Top 100 Chart. We really liked your work. Cheers, The Panel"

By Nathan Lewis, 03/19/2005
Arlington, VA 22207
"Hello Jim, I listened to your tennis song and it is great! We are now playing it on the US SPORTS RADIO Entertainment Channel at - Thanks and if you haven't already you may want to submit the song to the rradio network of 50 online stations. It is easy... go to and follow the submission instructions. Thanks again. Nate Lewis-US SPORTS RADIO"

From James Limborg, "Hello, Today I received two good review's from a Mike Kissel and Harry Baggson at on a song I wrote with my friend Steve Anderson titled How Come I Don't Have Anyone. Thanks Mike and Harry, Steve and I really appreciate you taking the time to listen and review our song!" read review's...

By Helen Finch, 03/02/2005
Station Manager,
157 Bebington Road, Birkenhead, Merseyside, UK CH42 4PZ
"Thank you for allowing AiiRadio the pleasure of playing your music including your song titled Give It All To You. Mickyspectrum is premiering some of your songs on the 7th of March between 10am-12noon EST-3-5pm gmt."

By Toby Collodora, 02/25/2005
Web Producer, WCCO-TV
Minneapolis, Minnesota
"James, I will pass this along to the assignment desk for their consideration. Thank you, Toby Collodora."

From James Limborg, "Good news! Today I was contacted by my local (Minneapolis, MN) radio station (92 KQRS, Paul Bringardner, KQ Homegrown Music Director) to send them a cd-quality-version of my new song titled Red, White and Green for air-play on their KQ Homegrown show! Thanks Paul and KQRS staff!"

By David Penrose, 02/23/2005
President, Top Network
Bellingham, Washington
"Nice song, James. A wonderful and unique contribution to the sport. You may want to add your website to The Tennis Directory on Tennis Network."

By Glen, 02/21/2005
Screenplay Writer
Los Angeles, California
"Hi Jim, Just started checking out some of your stuff. The Van Halen sounds great. Loved the wham bar. What setup did you use for that? Or your solo stuff? 5150-Marshall, steinberger? Keep it up, Glenn."

By Marcia Frost, 02/20/2005
Editor of:
College And Junior Tennis
College Tennis Connect
Port Washington Tennis Academy
Port Washington, New York
"Hi James, I love it! I will definitely find a place for it. I'll be in touch. Sincerely, Marcia Frost."

News/Reviews - 5/2005 to 11/2005

By Neal Ardman, 11/25/2005
Equity Broadcasting
Little Rock, Arkansas
"I would like to buy your song titled SHERMAN OAKS from you. Feel free to call me. Neal Ardman"

By Mary Keslin, 11/03/2005
McCook, Nebraska
"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel song. I have three pet Cavaliers!"

By Sheri Ramirez, 10/19/2005
Lincoln, Nebraska
"James: Thanx so much for the funny Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Dog breed song). I definitely decided it made my day when I listened to it. I have two cavaliers so totally enjoyed the lyrics. - Sheri Ramirez (Nebraska)."

By Nancy Lundberg, 10/13/2005
Community Tennis Assistant
USTA Northern Section
"Hi James, The USTA/Northern Section Office received a copy of Red, White and Green last spring and liked it very much. We were hoping for the right occasion to play it, but now have kind of a different request: Do you perform, may an hour's worth of music in a banquet setting? We could pay some, but not a lot, as we're a non-profit. We have an annual workshop (link in my signature) that includes an awards banquet and are hoping to have a bit of musical entertainment at the banquet. The date of the banquet is Saturday, November 5th. Please let me know if you would be interested in chatting about this. You can either call or e-mail. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Nancy"

By earsmalone, 09/29/2005
"YYYYYYYYYEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH... The intro to your song titled, "I NEED YOU SO MUCH" hits us like a freight train carrying Satriani, Vai, Eric Johnson, and Stu Hamm. I wish the drums were real but pretty soon I don't mind. Great harmonies. I like the breaks where you think the song's over but then it keeps going. The chipmunk vocals are cool. This song is WAY OVER THE TOP which is the only place music can survive."

By Joshua Schroeder, 08/04/2005
Seattle, Washington 80352
"Hello James, I spent some time navigating your website and I must tell you how much I like what you are doing. I?m writing because I am interested in featuring you on our international television network. Just in case you are unaware of us, Your Music Networkie The Independent Experience is a new 24/7 international independent music television network that is launching this fall. Send me an email and we can talk about this. We are looking at artists from around the world right now, so the sooner you contact me the better. Thanks."

By Gypsysinger1, 06/29/2005
"Really well done and thought out idea on your song titled How Come I Don't Have Anyone. Excellent recording! One of the better songs I've heard on The FX are cool. Very good production. Your vocals are clear and clean and up in the mix!!! Good song keep up the good work."

By Steve Sanders, 04/10/2005
"The first thing I can offer is to put you on my show, A/C Outlet, which airs on St. Paul cable, but will be distributed later this summer on DVD. I am also planning a compilation release of 12-15 musicians for July. I will start with 1000 copies and distribute to radio stations and record labels. I have an idea for your tennis song titled Red, White and Green. Let's shoot a video of you performing the song and splice it in with tennis footage. I can shoot and edit it and we'll present it to the USTA and see if they want to pick it up."

By Jon Wertheim, 03/28/2005
Tennis Editor, Sports Illustrated
"James Limborg of Roseville, Minn., calls to our attention his new tennis song titled Red, White and Green. It can be heard on his Web site."


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