My name is David Folsom. I am a composer/songwriter. Working together with my friends, we are able to showcase our songs as well as feature the many talented vocalists who sing on these recordings. Featured vocalists include Madison Dennis (Believe), Kathy Redwine (Take All You Want), Eddie Paul (The Swimmin' Hole), Loren Osborne (Merry Go Round), Aubrey Wollett (My Favorite Place), Sabrina Barringer (Welcome Home, Soldier) and others. Listen and enjoy.
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That was nice of you to give The Promise (Piano Solo) 5 stars and Add to your Playlist!
I just thought that when I was humming the tune I created for The Promise, it stood by its own merit, so I created a piano only, Ensemble, Orchestral and one of the most stirring versions, with the Uilleann Pipes and Piano!
Very Celtic!!!
Glad you enjoyed it.

Really appreciate the Stars for my two songs, "I See Her Dancing" and "Dear Jane"!
Nice to see you include them on your Playlist!
I still like a story!!! It's my trademark!
Awaiting my guitarist having time to work on my latest Country No. (ballad).
Yes, it is another story!
I have a melody but I think I need someone who is steeped in Country to give it a genuine Country acceptance!
What's new with your music?

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Folsom & Friends
7 days ago

Thank you, also, for the 5-star rating on my song, That Ol' Barn! I love a good story, as well, and have written many a story song, myself.

Jim, I am taking a break from music at the moment. Since I retired, my life has become so busy with other endeavors that I have not had any time or inclination to work on anything new. I will occasionally write a lyric or poem as I'm inspired, but those occasions have been rare as I have found tremendous fulfillment with my involvement in the life of a friend's 2-year-old child. She is the light of my life and has been the inspiration for a few children's songs and lullabies I've written. She has her very own lullaby which works very well when I hum it to her. This child's life, experience, growth and development has taken priority over everything else in my life and all I can do for the time being is let it take me wherever it will on this new and wonderful journey.

Jim Aitken
7 days ago

Sounds like my granddaughter!
I am slightly similar in situation. You cannot beat a one to one relationship with a child you hold dear! Enjoy the fulfilment!
I am awaiting my guitarist creating the music for my latest completed song, but I am similar to you in that I do not have any more near completion so I will have a timeous rest from it all for a while.
I hope my creativity in the future achieves at least the same level as my complete works so far! No guarantees!
Enjoy your new found priority! Warmly, jim

Jim Aitken
2 weeks ago to Folsom & Friends

Hi Fulsom and friends, "That ol' Barn" is so easy to listen to and I just love a Story!
One of those songs which sucks you in till the end!
You don't want it to finish!
It should be on a big named Artists Album! Really nice!
Lovely vocals young man! I can hear a potential, strong, upbeat Country hit coming!
12/10 and Stars a must!
Your Storytelling is akin to my latest, "I See Her Dancing"!

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Folsom & Friends
2 weeks ago

Thank you for your kind words. I sincerely appreciate it. I will listen to your song and gave it 5 stars. Great writing and production! Again, thank you for your comments.

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