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Rock - Hard Rock | Antioch, California, United States
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Member Since: 2011
   Last Login: over 30 days ago
   Sounds Like: Guns 'N Roses, Nirvana

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Start Date
Born on November 15, 1985

Primitive Rock And Roll

Band Members
Patrick Lew

San Francisco, CA

Record Label

Short Description
Musician. Guitarist. Artist. Actor. Cord Cutting Advocate. The official Facebook page of Patrick Lew (???)!

Musician, actor and artist from San Francisco, CA. Delivering no nonsense rock and roll with a little help from his friends.

Long Description
Patrick Lew Band is a rock band that was founded in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2001. This is predominantly an independent DIY rock & roll band and the social-media is spreading our music to the masses. Our music is best described as straight-forward 70's and 80's influenced typical hard rock with an old school punk attitude and vibe. We're like a modern day tribute to the bands we were inspired by from the early 90's, except for the 2020s.

We are not an imaginary rock band, hacks, or fakes when it comes to the music.

We don't do this to please everyone and have everyone kiss our asses.

We refuse to play shows or venues where audiences are segregated by race, gender, sexual orientation and different backgrounds.

We do not do pay to play or pre-sale ticket shows.

Our friends locally and the social-media is keeping our legacy and momentum rolling.

We support our friends in the scene.

We can't read music, we know little about conventional musical theory, but we still can play our instruments and make something new and fresh.

All our music was recorded on Mixcraft, GarageBand and inexpensive gear.

Don't forget to look us up on Google!

The Patrick Lew Band was founded in San Francisco during the early 2000s originally by guitarist/vocalist Patrick Lew, lead guitarist Eddie Blackburn and drummer Tommy Loi.

Sexy Asian Guitarist (MySpace, 2005)

Upcoming Artists (DMusic, 2007)

Soundclick 10th Anniversary Songwriters Contest Quarter Finalist (Soundclick, 2007)

Most Hated Artist of the Year (Soundclick, 2008 and 2010)

Number 1 Local Punk Artist (ReverbNation, 2011)

Celebrity Endorsement (Antennas Direct, 2014)

Distinguished CSU Alumni Nominee (CSU East Bay, 2015)

Personal Interests
Patrick: Watching TV, Photography, Playing Guitar, Singing, Music, Blogging, Going To Concerts, Going To Sporting Events, Food, Rock And Roll, WWE, Fitness, Photography, Swimming, Making Bank, Cats, His Girlfriend/Fiancee

David: Raving, Playing Video Games, Going To Sporting Events, Going Out With Friends, Watching YouTube, Long Boarding, Food, Clothes, Going Online, Underground Hip Hop, Venting, Writing Spoken Word, Listening To EDM, Sports

Current Location
San Francisco, CA

General Manager

Pink Floyd
The Rolling Stones
Green Day
The Stone Roses
The Smashing Pumpkins
The Deftones
Pearl Jam
Guns N' Roses
Mother Love Bone
Blink 182
Steve Vai
Def Leppard
John Lennon
Van Halen
The White Stripes
White Lion
Led Zeppelin
Lamb of God
Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Dead Kennedys
Bon Jovi

Band Interests
Life, Playing Music, Pizza, In And Out Burger, Being Awesome, YouTube, 49ers, Raving, The Giants, PlayStation, Netflix, Long Boarding, Northern California, Television, Keeping It Plur, Fun Stuff...


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patrick lew band(Spotify)


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The Life and Times of Patrick Le

As the singer/songwriter and only constant member of the Patrick Lew Band, Patrick Lew is one of the most charismatic and decorated individuals in the second half of the 2010s. He parlayed that recognition into the dynamic project Heavy Sigma, a group heavily indebted to the late 80's and early 90's rock of Nirvana, Mother Love Bone and Green Day, which Lew formed while Patrick Lew Band was on hiatus in the first half of the 2010s. For awhile, he kept a dormant Patrick Lew Band and Heavy Sigma afloat, but after the lineup of the Patrick Lew Band collapsed in 2012, he briefly retired from performing and recording partly due to his disillusionment with the music business and his crumbling relationship with his former fiancee Faith Lambright. In 2015, Lew returned to music and launched a solo career under the Patrick Lew Band name with the clearinghouse demo To the Promised Land.

To the Promised Land appeared nearly fifteen years after the Patrick Lew Band formed, but that was only the first major breakthrough that Lew has experienced in his music career. A San Francisco native, the teenage Patrick Lew loved television, extreme sports and rock and roll, learning how to play guitar in his early teens. In his mid teens, he formed a band with drummer Tommy Loi and lead guitarist Eddie Blackburn, flying through a variety of names before landing on Patrick Lew Band. They cut a demo called Live! Like a Garage Band in 2002 and began self-producing their own music. Psychotic Love, their official debut, arrived in 2003, supported by do-it-yourself efforts promoting their group through the Internet, all of which helped the Patrick Lew Band reach out to listeners on social-media.

Lew and his adulthood best friend David Arceo began directing their main focus on the Patrick Lew Band. They recruited former Distorted Harmony guitarist Jeremy Alfonso and newcomers Greg Lynch and David Hunter, and the new lineup recorded 2009's Curb Your Wild Life and Let it Rise and Against. The latter, helped raise their profile in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Over the next few years, the Patrick Lew Band embarked on a long road to thrust themselves in the spotlight and further their band in the music business. Their 2011 album Murder Bay, sustained their momentum.

Despite their promise and lofty ambition, tensions started to surface in the band when polarized reception happened from audiences and critics.Then came further fractures in the band's relations, All this led to the Patrick Lew Band's breakup in 2012.

Lew resurfaced later in the year with a new band called Heavy Sigma, a hard rock outfit inspired by 80's and 90's rock icons Guns N Roses, Nirvana, Bon Jovi, Green Day and Oasis. Heavy Sigma released an experimental debut, Taiwanese Rebel in 2012, quickly followed by Voyager in 2013. Following the release of Voyager, Lew quietly announced his retirement from the music scene. However early retirement was not to be, as Lew personally missed performing and recording music and developing a bond with his audience. IHe began sporadically recording new material in his home studio, and revived Patrick Lew Band with long-time friend and collaborator David Arceo by the end of the year. A full fledged campaign followed on social-media sites Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and Lew decided to pursue a solo career under the Patrick Lew Band name in 2015. After several months of home recording, the album To the Promised Land surfaced in June of that year. Along with participating in Patrick Lew Band, Lew began collaborating with Neverfade drummer Erick Salazar with Heavy Sigma, currently working together on Heavy Sigma.


Patrick Lew Band is a Taiwanese American rock band which is the solo moniker of former Power Trip rhythm guitarist Patrick Lew. Initially, the band was described as a "virtual rock band" which friends would collaborate with Lew via Internet, recording in their own home studios and cutting and pasting the music together. The band initially consisted of former Distorted Harmony guitarist Jeremy Alfonso, OC Bay bassist David Hunter and former Power Trip drummer David Arceo.
Prior to the breakup of Power Trip in mid 2008, many speculated that Lew might record a solo album. After the disbanding of Power Trip, Patrick Lew kept a low-profile and frequently recorded new music in his personal studio and posted his material on the Internet. In January 2009, Patrick Lew Band released Curb Your Wild Life, which was met with negative reviews from critics. As a result of being musically uneven, Lew collaborated with several friends and began an online collaboration in order to create new music. This resulted in the albums Let It Rise And Against and Murder Bay, released in 2009 and 2011 respectively.
The band is often using social-media sites to put their music out there, and has performed live sporadically. In mid 2011, the band performed several surprise shows without any advertising or word of mouth locally and through social-media which they would play a low-key set and later broadcast it on Internet television through YouTube and Facebook. However, a period of creative and personal differences alongside tensions with Lew's former girlfriend caused the online collaboration to cease, which led to Patrick Lew recording material for Heavy Sigma, releasing three albums in 2012: Oddities, Taiwanese Rebels and Voyager.
Patrick Lew returned to creating music in the studio under the Patrick Lew Band moniker prior to the end of 2014. He currently is the only official band member in the project. Playing all instruments, writing all the music and self-producing the 2015 release To The Promised Land. The album To The Promised Land was released on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and received small recognition on social-media sites and through the independent music community via Internet. Patrick's goals is to remain true to his music and being an artist with many different passions as opposed to being a rock band chasing the spotlight in the music industry and to create success and recognition on his own terms. Patrick currently handles the business side for Patrick Lew Band's music on his own. Utilizing social-media and putting himself out there in the San Francisco Bay Area music scene.

BAND BIO (Written by Heath Andre

"Be Yourself. Imitation is suicide."

This is one of the creeds that 27 year old singer, songwriter, and guitarist Patrick Lew has lived by in his life, and his music. Born in San Francisco CA, Lew is a second generation Asian-American of Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese descent, now based out of Antioch, CA. Whether by fate or coincidence, the eclecticism of Lew's heritage is mirrored by the path his music has taken. Sometimes it's credited to his Patrick Lew Band, and other times to his musical moniker, Heavy Sigma, but the music is always a raw and loose mix of garage punk, grunge, and no nonsense rock and roll. Lew has been spending well over a decade practicing his craft, perfecting his sound, building an internet fan base, and putting himself into a position to take the music community by storm.

The Patrick Lew Band's story doesn't start off too atypically, it's the age-old tale of a young thirteen year-old boy that picks up the guitar and finds out that rock & roll makes life a whole lot cooler than what it was. Flash forward through the years of friends, start-up bands, school, life in general, and eventually Lew found himself playing with his group, Band of Asians before having to invest his energies fulltime into college. Once he enrolled in California State University, going for his B.A. in Philosophy and Music, Lew found himself too busy to keep performing live. His musical talent still flourished in his writing and self-recording, especially partway through college in 2009. It was around this point that he began investing time into the Patrick Lew Band.

While primarily a rhythm guitar player, Lew's been able to self-record much of his own music with a larger band sound by picking up the bass and programming some drum and percussion tracks to accompany him. Through the magic of the internet and home recording equipment, Lew's also been able to collaborate with a lot of different musicians over the last ten years, each of them contributing to the library of songs in Heavy Sigma's arsenal. The legion of talented performers has included drummers David Arceo and Tommy Loi, guitarists Eddie Blackburn and Jeremy Alfonso, and keyboardist Zack Huang. Currently Lew is supported by keyboardist Greg Lynch, bassist David Hunter, and drummer and loving wife, Faith Marie Lew.

Most of Heavy Sigma's material is instrumental, and self-described as well as described by others as "garage punk and grunge meets 70's classic rock." When Lew does sing, his voice has been compared to Kurt Cobain's and Liam Gallagher's, a compliment held in high esteem by Lew, considering his love for those musicians. Regardless of vocal comparisons, Lew defines himself as an "unconventional yet interesting punk rock musician." He fully acknowledges that some of his east coast contemporaries may be making music that's more "radio-friendly," but stylistically, Lew would, "If presented with the choice, I'd rather be an artist than an entertainer." Ever since leaving Band of Asians, this is the direction his music has gone in, and the results have been very impressive.

In Patrick's own words, "I want to be successful in my music career by playing gigs across America and overseas, while making great and interesting rock & roll music in the studio. Then I can help give back to the local music scene that I found my muse in." That success may have originally been coming in fits and spurts, but the last few years have seen a consistent string of album releases. 2009 brought about the releases of Curb Your Wild Life and Let it Rise and Against. These were followed up by 2011's Murder Bay, and the 2012 Heavy Sigma release, Oddities: Studio Demos. And if you want to hear the progression of Lew's music, you can also find the albums he released with Band of Asians, Band of Asians, Live!, Revenge, and The I Product. All of Lew's catalog can be purchased through iTunes.

Written by Heath Andrews (

THE 411

1) band name: Patrick Lew Band

2) hometown: Antioch, California, USA

3) genres: Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Garage Punk, Grunge, Punk Rock

4) years active: 2001-present

5) labels: Heavy Sigma Records (USA/Canada), Unsigned (worldwide)

6) related bands: Band of Asians, The P & G, Distorted Harmony, Goldenweasel, Logic's Enemy, Retrograde Fire

7) website:

8) band members:
Patrick Lew - lead vocals, rhythm guitar (2001-present)
Faith Marie Lew - TBA role (2009-present)
David Hunter - bass (2012-present)
Greg Lynch - keyboards, guitar, backing vocals (2012-present)

former members:
Jeremy Alfonso - lead guitar, backing vocals (2009-2011)
Zack Huang - keyboards (2005-2008)
Eddie Blackburn - lead guitar, backing vocals (2001-2005, 2007)
Tommy Loi - drums & percussion (2001-2005)
David Arceo - drums & percussion (2006-2012, recurring onwards)

9) band interests:
Playing Guitar, Rocking Out, Making Music, Art, Surfing the Internet, Acting, Being Rebellious, Apathy, The Bay Area, British Rock & Roll, Universal Peace & Freedom, Punk Counterculture, Seattle, Saving The World, Taiwanese Pride

Patrick Lew is a SF based personality & celebrity who is a freelance Punk/Grunge guitarist, songwriter, and multi-media artist.

Patrick Lew Story

Lew was born in San Francisco, California on November 15, 1985, and also later resided in Contra Costa County in the San Franciscan bedroom community and hometown Antioch, and is of mainly Chinese and Taiwanese descent, alongside partial Japanese ethnically and culturally. He played in several local bands with high school and college friends in his teenage and young adult moments in life. Lew began his music career at the age of 15 online promoting his own brand of Garage Punk home recordings he did alone, and with childhood friend Tommy Loi on drums.

In 2005, Lew joined the San Francisco post-hardcore "interracial" local band, the Band of Asians. He played rhythm guitar and sporadically gigged locally with them until early 2008. At the time, he was transferring out of City College of San Francisco and planned to re-locate to Antioch, California, and furthering his higher-level college education at California State University, East Bay located in Hayward. Before attending university, Lew read several electronic music magazines and assembled a one-man rock band called the Patrick Lew Band. Making music in his spare time using his guitar/musical gear and recording software via computer laptop. He also was able to musically entrepreneur his own solo project PLB by making many websites to post his music on independently via Internet, and see whatever indie music prospects would occur by doing so or simply building an organization for his own one-man rock band. Lew would go onto earn a Bachelors Degree in Philosophy from the California State University, East Bay, and continued to pursue his passion for rock & roll music.

The Patrick Lew Band musically is very eclectic. While Lew is mainly influenced by 80's hard rock & metal, early 90's grunge and Britpop, and contemporary punk music. Much of Lew's own interesting yet not-so-surprising influences are incorporated and blended into his own brand of Garage Punk Band music. Some of PLB's music even contains a few elements and dabbles with EDM (Electronic Dance Music). For the most part, Lew best describes his music in PLB as a blend of Grunge, 70's & 80's Arena Rock, and modern Punk music. Much of the lyrical matters of PLB dabbles with social discontent, alienation, and personal persistence among the struggle.

Outside of music, Lew is also a creative writer, aspiring YouTube actor, and Internet personality or celebrity. He also penned the short story to 2009's "Journey of a Paper Son" and as a musical entrepreneur, posted his music for the social-networking websites and YouTube to expand his potentials as a rock musician and guitar player.

Lew has also busked and done open mics locally as a songwriter and one-man rock band. Lew also currently is employed with Advantage Sales & Marketing LLC. He still plays and pursues music whether it be independently as a hobby, or seriously for a career even!

All we can say is, watch this space and be on the look out!

Patrick Lew Band Bio

Taiwanese-American underground rock musician and Internet personality Patrick Lew began his music career and pursuit at age 13 in the summer of 1999 when he was learning guitar and composition at a local music store. And quickly formed his first band with his childhood schoolmate and friend Tommy Loi, called Goldenweasel. Despite limited musical expertise and proficiency at the time. Lew began promoting and DIY'ing his own music and work locally and via Internet as early as 2001, at the age of 15 on social-networking and indie music websites. That same year, he issued and independently self-released his first demo tape, titled Live! Like A Garage Band! which featured songwriting ideas Lew had composed on his guitar and written lyrically when starting out as a local musician making ends meet as early as 1998 or 1999.

Lew played rhythm guitar and founded the project with schoolmates, often performing music as hobbyists and a Garage band.

At the time, Lew's ambitions in music were to get himself noticed and some degree of success, but recently is focused on music as a part-time career and pursuit. Lew later attended City College of San Francisco.

Much of Lew or his former band's live events were reportedly to been poorly attended or vaguely recognized, but stories and recollections were told by Lew on his blogging or music website, due to lack of their networking bringing in audio and video recording devices such as digital cameras, to film their performances and other reasons.

In 2008, Lew launched Patrick Lew's Band as a full-time musical pursuit and also passionate hobby. Other important contributors for the Patrick Lew Band include, Dave Arceo (ex-Band of Asians drummer) and Jeremy Alfonso (former Distorted Harmony lead guitarist). On October 30, 2009, has gotten engaged to his long-time female friend Faith Marie Lambright, which his fiancee also became a contributor and auxiliary band member of the Patrick Lew Band on keyboards. Lew published and released his fourth home-recorded studio album, Let It Rise And Against on iTunes and other digital retailers. And, has been recently active on YouTube creating home-made produced videos of himself performing his music and song ideas on his guitar and accompanied by his voice. By early 2011, much of the elusive recognition and local merits were to an extent realized for Lew as he became critically successful as a Bay Area local musician and artist. In addition to Lew's somewhat cult-like following in the San Francisco underground, certified the amateurishly semi-professional artist Patrick Lew for a week as #2 musician/band under the Rock genre in the Contra Costa County, California scene.

He recently graduated college with a Bachelors Degree in music education and Philosophy. Currently a freelance local musician performing in his Antioch home recording studio/band rehearsal room as a hobby, Lew is enthusiastic about his music as of now and is open in pursuing success in the field of musical entrepreneurship. On February 9, 2011, Lew performed his first official live musical performance in nearly three years at his college/university California State University, East Bay for an open mic event. Which an amateur recorded and produced video of this performance has since surfaced online. During early to mid 2011, Lew went on an unsanctioned, low-key, and surprise local tour in Contra Costa County, California performing raw renditions of his original music and several post-rock improvisations. Some of these performances can be found on Lew's YouTube account.

The Patrick Lew Band released and promoted Lew's fifth home-recorded album titled Murder Bay, which was recorded between 2009 and 2011 in Lew's home recording studio in Antioch, California, and was released as a free downloadable MP3 album via file-sharing websites such as Mediafire and various Patrick Lew's Band music pages online.