Composer, creator and innovator in Native American FLute music, music for Yoga, World music and original jazz, rock and blues. Includes: Melodic and orchestrated music for healing, yoga, massage and meditation.

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Bill Webb practically lives and breathes music. He is either composing music, arranging music or performing music —and sometimes he manages to do all three at the same time. Bill’s versatility as a composer goes from gutsy soulful songs to New Age to Jazz to Pop with a little bit of Boogie and fun songs thrown in the mix.

He is well-known for his CD series, “Music for Massage and Yoga and as Nashville co-songwriter with George Knight. A member of the Nashville Association of Songwriters International, the Songwriters’ Guild of America and BMI, “ he is also a certified Pro-Tools HD 7 recording studio engineer.

It began at age seven with piano lessons, rock bands in High School, and music major at University of Wisconsin School of Fine Arts.

Touring the United States with Corey & Company, Bill then worked as the duo Webb & Kurz before joining The Lloyd Pedersen Show as musical director and keyboardist. After several years on the road, Bill returned to college to complete his Bachelor’s Degree.

Moving to Texas, Bill became a solo act, playing keyboard and singing in clubs like The Velvet Turtle and Durty Nelly’s Irish Pub on the famous Riverwalk in San Antonio. Bill was also a favorite entertainer for the San Antonio Opera and Ballet parties at the Jaffe Mansion.

His career as a composer began to accelerate in 1980 when Bill wrote the musical score for “Close Encounters of the Comfort Kind”; a 1982 musical staged in Comfort, Texas. Then he began producing albums for various singer/songwriters often composing, arranging and performing on these projects. He was a Regional semifinalist for the National Association of Songwriters songwriting competition in 1982.

Bill then spent several years writing music for radio and TV programs and commercials aired in Wisconsin, Texas and the Dakotas. In 1992, he composed, produced and performed the music for “Harmonics”, a dance video distributed to this day in the U.K., Canada, Australia and the US.

In the 1990’s, Bill honed his skills as a composer by producing over 20 CDs for local and regional artists usually contributing as composer, arranger and studio musician.

For Cheryl Kaufmann, singer/songwriter, Bill co-wrote and produced "Bright Star Heart Chorus". For Susan Paige, therapist, he co-wrote and produced the music forspoken word on "Kuan Yin Loving Meditation." For Jodi Hassler, he produced and wrote the music for a series of therapeutic CDs called "Relax, Listen and Learn". Other aritsts include Anna Parkins, P. Jae Stanley (“Bold Journey” and “Stir It Up”). and Marion Gray, (“The Father’s Love” and “Love Reaching”).

Known for his exciting and individual musical arrangements, Bill is also a sought after studio musician who excels not only on keyboard, but also plays guitar, bass, drums and the Native American flute.

Bill’s CD’s include eleven titles for the Music for Massage and Yoga series including the best sellers “Native American Flute” and “Meditation Music”, “Enter Now”, “Dancing Dreams”, “Dreamesque Tajma”, “Native American Flute Volume Two”, “Power Yoga Music”, “Healing Music”, “Chakra Tuning” and “Rhythmic Therapy”. Voice and music meditation CDs include “Meditations Vol I”, and “Meditations Vol II”. He has produced and performed on CDs such as “Bright Star Heart Chorus” by Cheryl Kaufmann, “Stir it Up” by P. Jae Stanley and “Kuan Yin Loving Meditation” by Susan Paige. His own Singer/Songwriter CDs include “Freeway” featuring “exit Ramp”, “Use Your Imagination”, original children’s songs, and “Christmas Heart”, a collection of popular and original Christmas songs.

Bill’s CD’s, song samples, performing schedule, resume and credits are available at and www/ Also visit his My Space page.

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