Betty Overstreet is a singer/songwriter of Country and Gospel songs. She has been singing since, as the old saying goes, "She was knee high to a Grasshopper" though she had a long period of time raising her children before she began singing professionally.  Her first song was written back in the mid 70s, " You came right back", and has reached the Top Ten Country/Americana several times here on Broadjam.  It has also reached the number one spot many times on Number1music site  and the number has now grown to nearly 50!   

Her husband, Gary, Is the technical director and producer of her recordings and most music trax have been created by her dear friend, John Covert, Crystal Image.

She was a solo act many years before meeting her husband, Gary Overstreet,  They now perform as a duo.
As one of her songs explains, Betty is "Just an Okie Gal living in California".   

She was born in Honubia, Oklahoma, the famil

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Our lives have changed a bit this year. Public appearances are limited to our monthly trip up to Paradise to join our friends at 1st Christian Church of Paradise. I usually sing at least 2 songs during the service and Gary helps out with the sound and adding the powerpoint to the TV Screens so everyone can sing along to the music.

I canceled all our public events when Gary was diagnosed with cancer in March. He is responding well to treatment. Only God knows when or it we will be able to return to  events.  In the mean time I am working on some new songs to release a bit later this year.

Have a wonderful day, praise God for all your blessings.  
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Our Christmas CD will be available in the near future. It is only available direct from me. YOu just have to send me your email address and I will send an invoice through PAYPAL. AS soon as you pay through Paypal I will get the CDs in the mail to you. $15 each includes shipping within the USA. If you are out of country I will check and let you know the cost of shipping. I have 20 CDs available now and as orders arrive we will create more--JUST FOR YOU. They make great Christmas gifts. And of course , if you choose just download all the singles for your own listening pleasure. is awaiting your order

I am getting good remarks from listeners and friends regarding my new song, "I found Jesus in the cab of my old beat up truck". Those of you who know my usual style of writing will know what my friend George La flame means by his comments:

Hi Betty:
Great song Betty. I've played it a few times recently it is sort of modern Christian pop style. A little different style than you usually write. However, still a great song. Always liked your songs and miss co writing with you. Keep up the great work my friend. God bless.
George La Flame

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Always great to hear from you George.

I can hardly believe another week has gone by and we are still having a "Hot" Spell here in California. However, I have some good news too! Are you familiar with It is a site where many thousands of Artists upload their music and it goes all over the world. They keep a charting schedule to let us know where our songs are in the standing. I just go word that 4 of my Christmas songs are in the Top 10 for Holiday genre this week. #1 UP on the housetop is #3 Christmas eve at Granny's house #Billy Bob the hillbilly goat #9 Jingle Bells . I am pretty thrilled as they are all my new songs I created last year during the Pandemic .

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