ZenTonic - a fusion of classical, jazz, rock, world and electronica.

Inspiration from these sonic dimensions combines with digital music making to create music suitable for soundtracks, ambient, meditation or massage.

Listen with your ears but hear with your heart the many elements of ZenTonic.



ZenTonic is the culmination of my musical pursuits which began as a clarinet player in elementary school. Now the journey continues in the digital age working through computer-based instruments reaching toward new sonic realities.

Although my musical journey has taken me many places and led me down many paths in the end it?s always been about my passion for music.

From an orchestra to a rock band, each has played a unique role in shaping my creativity and adding to my musical development. The evolution of music and music technology continue to push the musical boundaries to new places as styles and genres combine, fuse and morph into something unique.

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