All songs written and copyright Ron Wilson, (aka Vee Bdosa) unless otherwise stated. and performed by Vee Bdosa (aka Ron Wilson) and all backup singing by Faraje' (aka Amal Faraj of Khartoum, Sudan
Actually WINDING ROAD and Ronnie (aka Poet Vee Bdosa)includes several songwriters and a couple performers. Ronnie who is a US Army Spouse and Veteran, whose wife is stationed at Ft. Diz, NJ. Ronnie has served as Mayor at the Ft Meade, MD (NSA) Military community twice, once at Ft. Eustis, VA, and at Dallas TX NAS and this is where Ronnie gets lots of his miaterial... Amal Faraj from Khartoum Sudan, Twave (pronounced Twa-vay )from Richmond VA, Claire Tozzi from Alexandria VA, Darlene Boone VA Beach, Phil Rios Richmond VA, and some more on the way.

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Be Black of Koforidua, Ghana Now part of Winding Road Music.

KENT OWENS of Wisconsin Check Him Out.


Wow! Thanks Vee for the confidence building review of "Cabin Fever"

Hello Vee Bdosa, Thank you again for your very kind words re "My thoughts are of You"
I agree with the last line could have been omitted. The song is a demo produced in Nashville
Writing lyrics is not my forte, You being an expert, I thank you for the compliments.
By the way, I enjoyed listening to your songs as well. Your poetry is very picturesque!!
Regards, Helen Koniuck.

Hello Vee Bdosa, Well you made my day, a very nice review of "My thoughts are of You"
written in awe of the beautiful surroundings while traveling. I did have a demo of the song
done in country style, also submitted on Broadjam with lyrics. I had a few nice reviews, but
also had one discouraging, as you have indicated in your comments, all music is not always appreciated. Thank you again for the comments, Helen Koniuck.

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