Vibe Addiction Ent. is for Artist Exposure. We salute every artist that hasn't given up, no matter how long you've been in this industry. We realize that it's people that's going around with a bunch of money that has what it take to help the next person out but yet reach out for greed.. But i just want to thank everyone who helps the ones that's actually trying.

We all have or had a struggling point in our life but the question is when we get to the point of getting out of the struggle will we help the next one out that we SEE trying to make it or will we talk down about them?

My name is Brandon ( Beema ) Lockhart and im willing to collaborate with YOU...

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If you're looking for Free studio time in Jacksonville, Florida please leave a message with your name, stage name, contact info & how much time you need.
Our latest project is called " Mirror Mirror " and Thinking about You".

Vibe Addiction EnT.

Greeting, Vibe Addiction EnT. Was created in 2011 for recording artist exposure. We will be posting more mixtapes and albums as well as singles. You may follow us on facebook by searching " Datsbeema". We are located in Ormond Beach, FLorida and offer vocal recording, music engineering classes, photo shoots, and more. We are currently searching for recording artist that are looking for more exposure. Thank you -

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I have a big question.... If you submit a free song and get no results YET, what makes you think i would pay for a song to be in a contest?

Beema from Vibe Addiction EnT. will be driving around in Ocala, Florida on Christmas Day looking for a family in need of a happy Christmas. By downloading one of our Singles you could help us bless someone else. Im doing this not to shine but believe me or not I know how it feels to have nothing for Christmas. - Dats Beema or nt ( CLICK ONE OF THE LINK TO GET ACCESS TO OUR SINGLES) Thank you all and happy Holiday

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