Tular is a project started by Emanuele Palmieri (Lead uitar) and Francesca Martini(soprano singer)in the summer of 2005.
Tular is an etruscan word that means:"Borderline".
Even if could seem the same old story, Tular are a new band, strongly oriented to be original and different from other bands.
In the winter of 2005 the old experienced "Bass Master" of the Graal (Hard Rock band) Michele Raspanti joined the project with a old school hummin' hand that made the sound grow.
Hard work for songwriting and orchestration of classical instruments and guitars for the entire 2006. In January 2007 Alessandro Iacobellis, decided to be the rythm guitar for the Tular. Last but not least, in June one of the greatest metal drummers, David Folchitto, joins Tular givin' to the sound a strong kickass with his crazy fills and grooves.During Xmas 2007 they have a contact from Renaissance Records (AZ) and now, we are waiting for their first album, "The truth behind the mask" out may 15 2008
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