A creative wordsmith, Trudee Lunden is well-versed in lyric writing to underscore life themes for Film, TV and multimedia. She pioneers hard-to-forget hooks that become earworms for memorable music.

After moving to Los Angeles to attend college, Trudee received her BA Music at University of Redlands in Southern California with minors in English and Business; where she also served as Music Director and DJ for college-community radio station, KUOR-FM.

She's been a member of numerous music organizations based in Los Angeles, Nashville and New York City, plus collaborated with a varied network of talented songwriters, composers, vocalists, artists, musicians, producers, and recording studio engineers for 30 years.

Trudee has licensed multiple works and continues to develop new catalog for her boutique BMI music publishing company, Scaramouche Music. She now works remotely on new projects and now resides in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, one mile from Martin Guitar.

Trudee Lunden (Green Music Lady)

Trudee Lunden began singing, songwriting and playing acoustic guitar at 10 years old. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Music with minors in English and Business from the University of Redlands, California. An independent BMI music publisher, Trudee has fine-tuned her craft as a lyricist collaborating with numerous songwriters, composers, engineers, and producers. Her diverse catalog has been featured in Television, Film, Radio, and worldwide artist releases.

Ms. Lunden has been commissioned for various independent projects, receiving industry honors from Billboard Magazine for "I Knew There Was A Song" and Travel Weekly Magazine for "Caribbean Cruise". Embracing a multitude of genres including Pop, Rock, Adult Contemporary, Ballads, R&B, Dance, Country, Folk, Roots, Blues, and Musical Theatre, credits include Lifetime TV's "Dance Moms" and the documentary "Unconditional Love: The AIDS Heartline Story".

Over the years Trudee has been an active member of various professional organizations including the National Academy of Songwriters, Los Angeles Songwriters Showcase, Nashville Songwriters International Association, Songsalive, Songwriters Vantage, SongNet, Los Angeles Songwriters Co-op, Just Plain Folks, SongTown, and Dramatists Guild of America. She's a skilled "top line" lyricist proficient in delivering a universal voice for instrumental tracks, creative briefs, and visual synchronization.

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Trudee, I would LOVE to download your song to my movie that I'm making...our family took a cruise vacation in April and I looked all over for a song that would match with the movie before I found yours but I can't find a way of paying to download it? Please help! Thanks!

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