Tony Lindsay

Veteran Santana Lead Singer Strikes Out on His Own After Fourteen Years and Eleven Grammys

SAN FRANCISCO, California (December 7, 2005), Gruve Records announces the release of Tony Lindsay, the highly anticipated debut solo effort by former Santana front man, Tony Lindsay. From the crossover first single "Crush" to the flamenco-tinged "Seniorita Sings the Blues" this self-titled release delivers Lindsay's strongest material to date. Guitar great Chris Cain and Santana member Andy Vargas lend their talents, but it's Tony Lindsay who makes the project special.

Lindsay, who has 11 Grammys on his mantle after spending 14 years as Santana's front man, says it was while recording the multi-platinum "Supernatural" CD that he got the idea for his project. Aside from performing and co-writing two of the songs on the hit CD, Lindsay paid close attention to all the varied performers. They all had a different sound, and that helped create an album that you could put on in a car and the kids, and parents and grandparents all had something to like. I think that's why "Supernatural" hit so big.!

Lindsay had written a group of personal songs that he felt was some of his strongest material ever. He'd also been working on various projects with some talented young producers like Ben Jonas, Myron Dove and Randy Emata. I figured each of these producers was great, but they haddifferent sounds, explains Lindsay. I hoped that by letting them produce their own individual cuts, I could have a CD full of different sounds that would please a varied group of people. And since I had written all the songs, I had a common thread that would keep it all together.

The individual producers did their own mixes and the result is a CD of gorgeous production values that beautifully showcase the extraordinary range, depth and emotion of Tony Lindsay's voice. Most of the songs fit somewhere in the middle of the R&B/jazz groove, but they each retain an individual flavor from the different producers. The result is a CD that has something for everybody, but remains a distinctive body of work from a brilliant, experienced artist.

So, after 14 years as the front man for Santana, after 11 Grammy awards, after years of working with artists as diverse as Aretha Franklin, Teddy Pendergrass, Lou Rawls, Steve Winwood and Curtis Mayfield, Tony Lindsay is finally betting on himself. He wrote the songs, developed the concept and sought out the producers. Lindsay is poised to establish himself as an internationally known singer. With his eponymous CD, Tony Lindsay, he may well have created a timeless classic. The disk is already garnering airplay across the country on stations such as WGPR-Detroit, KBLX-Oakland/SF, KOKY Little Rock, WMGL, Charleston, SC, plus stations in Belgium, Netherlands and Starlight of Europe.

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