A contestant for International Blues Challenge 2011 in Memphis, TN.

Hailing from the Land of Rising Sun (Japan), TOKYO TRAMPS is on a mission to deliver joy and excitement of true American music, Blues and Rock'n'Roll. American music had a tremendous power to make three Japanese come down here. Satoru Nakagawa on Guitar/Vocal, Yukiko Fujii on Bass/Vocal, and Kosei Fukuyama on Drums/Vocal. Performing extensively in New England area since 1999, released 5 albums.

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Their 6th album is expected to be released in early 2012.

The best Blues&Roots trio from J

Don't be fooled by the look - or name. This three-piece band from Japan plays as if its musicians were raised in the Deep South and brought up on Delta blues." - Boston Globe.

As the winner of the River City Ohio Blues Competition 2010, TOKYO TRAMPS represented the Blues,Jazz,and Folk Music Society(Marietta, OH) for International Blues Challenge 2011 in Memphis.

One of the finalist for the Boston Blues Society's Blues Challenge 2011, and the Runner-up winner of Boston Phoenix/WFNX 2010 BEST MUSIC POLL Local Blues Act Category. TRAMPS also won Indie Artist of the Year from Immie Award 2007.

Formed by Satoru Nakagawa in 1999, TOKYO TRAMPS has been extensively performing in New England~ New York/Philadelphia area. They also toured to New Orleans, Kentucky, Indianapolis, Toronto, Los Angels, and Tokyo, Japan. Current lineup is Satoru Nakagawa on guitar/vocal, Yukiko Fujii on bass/vocal, Kosei Fukuyama on drums/vocal.

TOKYO TRAMPS play originals and wide selection of covers - blues, R&B, country, and rock'n'roll. Their originals are mostly based on real life experiences; struggles, hard times, loneliness, and happiness. Whatever it is, they always be positive, never give up. Their music is full of positive message and encouragement. Life is tough, but life is fun.

TOKYO TRAMPS released 5 albums ; "With These Hands" (12 songs CD released on October 31, 2009), "TOKYO GUMBO" (11 songs CD released on September 15, 2008), "Lucky Jive Will Come Home On King's Road" (4 songs CD released on May 17, 2006), "Bound For Glory" (10 songs CD released on June 1, 2003), and "Long Way From Home" (7 songs CD released in August 2000).

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